Time flies when you are having fun :) Went to the casino with g/f yesterday ... went in with $195, walked out with $125. Should have left hours before as I would have been much further ahead. For being a frugal minded person, I am shocked that I can play slots :( The neighborhood kitty showed up again over the weekend. Thank god, I can now stop worrying about it! :) Of course, last night, he chased another cat off the patio, down the road & haven't seen either one since. The other one is a male that's not fixed who started coming around Saturday night. The kids made the mistake of feeding him & now he strolls in the house if the slider is open :( Work is plugging along. Not any busier but not any slower either, so that's good. I certainly hope the economy picks up pretty soon though, all the news about recessions, subprime woes, etc. are not GOOD in my office. Being real estate lawyers is not exactly where you want to be right now, unless you specialize in foreclosures. No thank you. DH works for an automotive rental company. I think they are feeling the effects of the economy. Of course, the foreigners keep coming to visit, their dollars are worth more for once I think. DH told me to make sure I get to the doctors, eye exams, dental, etc. soon ... when I asked why, he said that somethings up at corporate again. Oh great. That's not very comforting :( If he was to get let go this time around, it would only be like a 6 week severance package, not the 6 months he got before. Actually, I think he got a year ... or maybe it was the annual bonus that really bumped it up. I don't remember but it wasn't scary like now :( So if thats the case ... things will definitely change in to full frugal mode which we CAN do. Even the kids :) I guess it's nice knowing that you can do it if you have to without feeling like you are depriving yourself. Been sticking to my menu plan pretty much. Had chicken thighs & cabbage slaw Friday, Saturday went to friends (made a cream cheese spread, sliced some cheddar & monterey jack cheese and served with whole wheat crackers). Sunday was pasta with special sauce taken from freezer and garlic bread. Monday was tacos ... tonight will be chicken again, will be stopping at Winn Dixie on way home to take advantage of the sale that ends tonight. DH and I had cocktails last night, which is unusual for Monday. No more beer left, but not buying any til Friday or even Saturday. With the 10 lbs I've gained since I quit smoking, need to lay off the beer & start being more conscientious of what I eat. More water, less junk, etc. And a little exercise wouldn't hurt I suppose :) Don't forget to to check out the other blog I have going ... been posting all incoming & outgoing $$ and wow, was doing well in the beginning but now, 15 days into it ... whew!


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