Moving money back and forth

I have the checking & savings account (mine) linked on line so I can view both when I log in ... which is really cool because I can transfer funds between the 2. Normally a good thing but found myself 'borrowing' from the savings account and then forgetting to pay it back immediately :) We all know how that is!! I moved $500 into the savings today and saw that I only have $529.21!! :( That is NOT good! Need to start feeding that bad boy to make him fat!! So, then I thought, what I really should do is take $20 out of each check I get & put it in ... that would give me at least $120 a month since I get 6 checks a month, sometimes more .... actually, no, now that I think about it, 2 big checks, 4 small checks, 1 to 3 bonus checks ... hmmm ... that really could add up. I am already saying that I HAVE to put $20 from each check, or minimum of $40 a week towards the credit card. $2500 balance and I don't even used the damn thing :( ... grrr. Did notice that they have moved my apr back to my initial rate. Was late ONE month and they slid that up to 19%. Good lord. So, here's my dilema. Do I continue to move money in by transfer OR should I make a separate check & deposit? The reason being is that I find myself thinking that it's ok to move the money OUT when I SEE the bigger balance of $1000 or more, yet, if I was to just make a normal deposit, I wouldn't really SEE the balance (I don't keep a balance book on savings account since nothing is suppose to LEAVE it). I am definately going to have to think about it. All bonus checks should be going to the savings account as that is not suppose to be a part of my daily living income. So that should be anywhere from $300 to $1000 a month. Ok, I'll admit it, been awhile since we had that many closings to be $1000 :( Need to really think about it...


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