Happy New Year!

Thank god I made it!! :) Everyone ended up leaving (except one couple who slept over) around 3am. Grrr. 3 bottles of champagne later (one from neighbor and 2 from me) we were pretty much wiped out. Spent the day on New Years laying around on couch watching tv (american pie - band, saving silverman (?? not sure if that was really the name of it?), video - kill bill (from library) and the 1st 2 episodes of Deadwood from library). Food was just left overs from the night before, what was left and lasagna from Sunday night. DH, such a sweetheart, got up & made scrambled eggs, fried ham & english muffins for everyone around 10am. Nice guy ... just what we needed! Dd colored her hair, the underside, purple. That was pretty bizarre. She assures me that it washes out in a few weeks. Better. :) Heck, she's 17 now (my baby!!!!) and I need to let her grow a little more. We will most likely take her to get her license this week or weekend. Not that she will be able to drive alone yet as she still needs to pay her insurance. It's only $375 every 6 months which is not too bad. Surprisingly! I pay $800 as it is every 6 months for 2 cars so not bad at all I guess. Cant' wait to see what it would be like for ds. Gotta go to work, have a great day!! Jan


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