Frugal move for the day

Dh & I have had a membership at LA Fitness for about 7 years now. When we first got the membership, we used it 3, 4 sometimes 5 days a week each. Then dh had the motorcycle accident. Silly me didn't even think of putting the membership on hold until 6 months later and he still was not able to go to the gym, which meant I wasn't going either. Finally, we started going again. But nothing like we used to. Then I put it on hold for about a year. Late last summer, dh wanted to start going back to get a little more in shape before he started with the reconstructive surgery in November. So took it off hold & went back to the normal billing cycle. I SHOULD have put it on hold the last week of November, but forgot about it. Just did it today which means it won't start until January 31st. Putting the membership on hold still cost $10.60 (includes tax!?) a month, as opposed to the $67 a month for active membership. It's better than cancelling the membership in my opinion as nowdays you have to pay an activation fee of a few $100 per person! Figured that the extra $55 a month could be used to either put in savings OR pay extra on the one credit card I have. Hey, if I keep it on hold for the rest of the year, I'd save $605.00 So there you have my frugal tip for the day: If you pay for something that you are not using monthly, see what your options to cancel or delay it are! Jan


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