CVS shopping & its rewards

It's been awhile since I played with CVS shopping :) ... this morning, swung by there on my way to work as we are running low on shampoo and they had a sale going on. Bought 1 bottle of Garnier for $2.99. Used my $1 off coupon (have about 5 of these somehow), which lowered the price to $1.99. Final cost was $2.17 (since when do they charge tax on shampoo??) ... then the receipt printed out with my $2.00 rewards bux. Then I got a new lipstick (50% off) and an eyeshadow (75% off). Handed her my $2 coup and a $1.50 coupon. Needed to spend another 13 cents or something stupid, so picked up a hersheys bar ... paid 43 cents. Did not realize there was a hershey sale going on. Buy 4 for $2.00 and get $1 back. So, I have a reece whipped coupon of b1g1f, so will by 3 total for $1 and will get $1 back :) I kind of like this game!! Really need to pick up some toothpaste. Thought there was some sale, but have to look at the sale flyer a little closer. Been busy at work and haven't had a chance yet ... Frugal tip: combine manuf. coupon with store coup AND store sale and reap the rewards!


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