New Years Eve doings

Ds & I are going to the Bodies Exhibition downtown this morning and since my office is only a few blocks away, will swing by & pick up my paycheck & bonus check. The bodies show is about $20 a person. I don't think dd wants to go, she's a little leery about it. So it will be just me & ds. He does not want the narative tour, which will save about $5 a person. I will have to pay for parking which sucks, but that's the way it is. Probably a couple of dollars. We will NOT go out to lunch as I need to get back home so I can get the snacks & appetizers ready for this evening. We are the house where the other 3 couples will meet before we figure out where we are going to tonight. I really really wish everyone would agree to just stay here & party & ring in new year. Don't really want to go anywhere (crowds, danger, obnoxious, expensive, etc.). Of course, one person refuses to stay at home on New Years Eve, not sure if that means someone elses house too? I just don't want to get trashed, spend a bunch of money on cheap drinks, be around a bunch of drunk strangers, and then hassle with a cab driver for the ride back home. I don't know. Am I getting old? Plus the kids will be here and they would love to be part of this. Although seems that years past they fall asleep before the ball drops!! Snacks will be sliced brown sugar ham, cheese slices, crackers, cream cheese spread, snausages (smoke wienies & bbq sauce), veggie platter (carrots, celery, grape tomotoes & cukes) and whatever else I can pull out. Oh, tort. chips & salsa. If anyone is HUNGRY, I have leftover lasagna from Sunday night I will offer up ... told dh its better to feed them before we leave! :) Need to make sure the guest room is ready just in case someone needs to sleep over. One of the other couples live across the street & have a guest room too, so we could actually split up the people and have a sleep over. I actually played with idea of doing a New Years day brunch at the house, but then thought, nope! What if I'm hung over ... I will make it a point to remember that I don't want to be so I won't drink that much, but then again, you know how that goes!! It's suppose to be about 83 today and tonight will be about 72. Great. Freaking Hot & Humid!! Of course, the cold front comes tomorrow night!! Crumb. So I will probably wear a pair of white bermuda shorts & a black & white low cut sleeveless top tonight. The dilema is heels or flats :) Jan


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