Grocery Cart Sundays

That last week of the old year was kind to my wallet, thankfully. But not really as the week before was brutal! :-(

I had two trips to Trader Joe's, one trip to Target.  I wanted to do Walmart but just couldn't bring myself to make the drive and then fight the crowds and there wasn't really a whole lot I needed, besides trying to price match the avocados ... not a big deal.

Sunday had a trip to Trader Joe's to see if they had the riced cauliflower in stock yet, and a few produce items:

2 16 oz packages of frozen grassfed, angus burgers $6.99 each (thinking fast protein)
1 pound bag of frozen fried rice, veggies (for the Boy) $2.29
2 pkgs of mushrooms $1.79 each
jar of Ghee $3.99 (this is NOT refrigerated and it's Whole30 compliant, that I can see)
1 hothouse cucumber $1.49
head of iceberg lettuce $1.29
coffee (kcups) $4.99
2 dozen eggs $2.79 each

Total spent $37.19. Paid cash ... and NO riced cauliflower

Then Trader Joe's on Wednesday ... again, for riced cauliflower. No dice.

coffee (kcups) $4.99

Total spent $4.99

On New Years day I ran all over town to find a pharmacy that was open to fill a prescription for my dad, 1 week supply of insulin was $268. Holy cow.  Then I figured I better get him some cereal and milk (for his low sugar in the morning) and ended up picking up a few things for me:

3 avocados ($1.25 each)
roma tomatoes

Total Spent ... maybe $6 as the receipt was mixed with all the other stuff I was buying for him.

Then Target on Saturday (which food was an afterthought)

Asian chopped salad $2.99

Total spent $2.99

Hmmm ... I may be off to a good start here ... shhhhhh .... don't jinx it!

How did your grocery shopping go down this week?


  1. I'm not trying to pry, but what type of insulin does your Dad take? Some of the companies offer free insulin if you're not in a position to pay that much out of pocket. I'm not sure of his situation, but it might be worth looking into if you're able. That's how I was able to get my insulin when I was without insurance for a few years (I had Lantus at the time, that was free).

    1. Amber, it was Novolog ... he takes 2 types of insulin as it is but when he was discharged from the rehabilitation facility, they sent him with a new script and I can't get him back to the VA/doctor til Monday and he needed it since the ALF has to follow the current doctor orders. The thing that makes me upset is that I know his doctor will switch him back to his usual stuff :-(

    2. It did stink :( The doctor even told me on Wednesday that the other stuff he has was the same thing, just under a different name. She wishes that hospitals wouldn't use the big name-brand drugs for that reason alone. I never realized how expensive some of his meds were and am so very thankful that the VA helps him with that expense!


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