Weekly Shopping - September 8th to September 15th

I was really hoping to keep the weekly trip to a minimum again ... would be real nice to do TWO WEEKS in a row that way, don't you think?

Nah...not going to happen just yet ...

Hit Costco on Wednesday night after work....got lots of stuff which you can check out over here for $187.90.  You can check out the trip here.

The Saturday rolled around ... had to go see my dad and he needed some stuff too ... so may as well go shop ...

1.  Publix ... really, was just going to get a few things for my dad:

6pk Motts apple juice * $2.99
Tropicana OJ (6 pk) * $4.79
bag of butter popcorn * $2.50
bag of white cheddar popcorn $2.50
Honey wheat bread * $2.85
bag of clementines * $6.99
2 cans cream of chicken soup $1.00 each
4 pkgs of sliced apple with caramel dipping sauce * $1.25 each
2 peter pan peanut butter $3.49 total (b1g1f) originally bought for dad but he still has lots, so in the pantry they went
100% grape cherry juice $3.95
White grape juice free (b1g1f)

Used a $5 off coupon $32.06 total

2.  ALDI

2 Kitchen rug/mats (cushy) $9.99 each
24 water bottles $2.29
bananas $1.14
2 cans crushed tomatoes 99 cents each
jar of maraschino cherries (for them whiskey sours!) $1.49
4 pk of baby lettuce (gourmet stuff) $2.19
3 pkgs of button mushrooms $1.29 each
2 containers of grape tomatoes $1.29 each
2 pkgs of celery 79 cents each
pkg hot dog buns 89 cents
20 count paper bowls $1.49
2 mangoes 45 cents each
bag of yellow onions $1.79
bag of sweet potatoes $1.99
2 4pks of these chocolate shake weight loss things $3.19 each (these are my cheat breakfast drinks when I'm running real late or don't feel like the usual bacon & eggs)
2 heads of cauliflower $1.99 each
watermelon knife $3.99

Grand total $60.04

#3 Publix

8 pk minican diet coke * $3.50

Grand total $3.71

#4 Stiles Farmers Market

"green squash" $2.99 (zucchini)
string beans $1.97 (green beans)
2 ginormous carrots $1.22
bag of radishes $1.25
bok choy $2.16
head of Chinese cabbage $1.62
big bunch of broccoli $2.98
3 red peppers $2.69
1 lonely minneola orange 75 cents (for those whiskey sours!)
1 bunch of green onions 34 cents
3 large tomatoes $3.16
handful of jalapenos 34 cents
handful of brussel sprouts $1.27
4 red pears $2.62
3 Georgia peaches (white) $1.30

Grand total $26.66

I am real heavy on produce right now ... and I've got some great ideas for food this week ... so come back Monday and check out the menu plan!

* these items are for my dad ... I wouldn't normally include his groceries with mine but since I paid for it all this week, I am.

Roughly $310 spent this week ... I had allocated myself $300. Remember, I didn't shop once the previous week so I had 2 weeks worth of $ to spend. I went a little over so I will try to keep it at $120 next week ... I think I can do it, EXCEPT Sonny Boy may be coming in for the weekend which means I have that mommy guilt to load him up with food to take home!

I am trying to stick to a budget of $150 a week on groceries. Yes, I know, rugs and knives do not count as food, however, if it's bought on the same receipt, it's tossed in as part of the grocery outlay.


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