Costco Time!

I'm not so sure that I like shopping on a Wednesday after work or not ... I mean, the crowd is WAY smaller, and check out is much quicker ... BUT the produce is not as 'fresh' and seems to be picked over already ... hmmm ...

Anyways. I went with a list and my booklet.

Unfortunately, and I knew this, deep down, my membership was up for renewal ... so that tagged another $110 on to the bill ...

Here's what I got:

80 count Donut Kcups $37.99 less $5
5 piece knife set (I've been picking these up whenever I see them as they are GOOD and make great gifts) $29.99
bag of lemons $6.99
bag of limes $4.49
large container of organic baby spinach $4.29
5 count of avocados $5.99
2 bags of Ricework chips (they are a perfect substitute for Fritos!) $5.39 each less $2.50 each
Twin pack of Kirkland brand nonstick spray $5.99 less $1.50
44 count of Breathe Right strips $13.99 less $3.50 (I'm hoping maybe this will help my nightime congestion)
18 count Pure Protein bars $17.79 less $4.50
1 lb wedge of blue cheese $6.24
2 pkgs of baby romaine lettuce $3.79 eac
2 16 oz pkgs of fresh mozzarella $7.79
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.59
3 pk of seedless cucumbers $3.29
2 lb pkg of large baby bella mushrooms $3.99
almost 5 lbs of organic ground beef $16.99
8 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs $16.00

I passed up the chicken breast (2.99/lb), unsalted cashews ($16.99), Brussel Sprouts ($3.99, large and woody looking) and a few other things that were on my list. The glass snapware that would be $23.00 right now ... I so wanted it, but the largest container is 6 cups and it was shallow and I just couldn't see it being that beneficial ...

Grand total (less the member fee) $187.90. About what I calculated. This eats up last weeks budget (that I didn't spend) and $100 of this week ... I have about $50 $100 left to pick up any miscellaneous items needed ... but I'm thinking I can just roll this over to the next week too :)


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