Costco Time!

I had a pretty specific list and stuck with it for the most part ... some things I bypassed, such as the peppers and cucumbers, as they didn't look too well. And I scratched off the meats on the list, except the ground beef ... we have lots of stuff in the freezer and I wanted to show a little restraint ;-)

I also picked up a few things that WERE NOT on the list ... things that I've tried (one of the attorneys at the office is a health freak and brings in stuff all the time from Costco for me to try) ... primarily, the Hemp Hearts ... these things are delicious, almost like a sunflower taste ... they are pretty good for you, I think maybe even considered a power food ... 10 grams of Omega 3 & 6 for every 3 tablespoons. Of course, they recommend sprinkling these on your yogurt and/or cereal ... I don't eat either one of those so it will be sprinkled over my salads, instead. The other thing was Chia Seeds ... these ARE a power food ... and I have tons of recipes that call for it and I just ignore them because I don't normally have these on hand. Again, these will be added to my salads, although, I'm thinking most likely, will be put in with the dressing ...

Ok, enough rambling ... here's what I ended up spending a pretty penny on today ...

2 containers half and half, $1.85 each
10 lbs of oranges $10.99
Honey Roasted Turkey (lunch meat) $12.09
Black Forest Sliced Ham (lunch meat) $10.19
5 lbs of organic peeled carrots (mini) $6.49
80 count Keurig coffee $37.99
Aideles (15 count?) Bacon, Mushroom & Swiss Chicken Sausage (it was a HUGE hit) $13.49
9 dozen xlarge eggs $4.39 x 3 (boiled 18 immediately once I got home)
large bottle of Dawn dish soap $8.99
5 lbs fresh tomatoes $6.79
12 count paper towel $14.99
frozen strawberries $9.39
frozen meatballs $15.89
container organic spinach $4.79
frozen organic blueberries $10.99
large bag or protein powder $45.99 (for the Boy, thankfully Hubby has cut back on his consumption)
28 oz bag of Hemp Seeds/Hearts $14.89
2 lb bag of chia seeds $12.99 (this was way cheaper than I've seen at Whole Foods)
5 pack mini romaine heads $4.79
large bag of fresh broccoli florets $4.99
bag of crumbled bacon bits $10.99
4 lbs of organic ground beef $16.99
10 lb bag of organic sugar $8.99
large bag of LARGE lemons $6.59
6 pk or large romaine lettuce $3.99
5 lbs granny smith apples $7.99
hard salami $5.69
twin pack of demi bras $18.99 (most likely going back, I should know better as they never fit)
fresh sliced mozzarella $7.79
bag of normal size limes $4.49
2 lbs container fresh strawberries $3.99
container of blueberries (2lbs?) $5.49
2 lbs of cherries $7.99

Lots of produce there, huh? And there is a definite increase in organic stuff, I noticed.

Grand total was $376.14. Yes. I know. That was a lot. I need to get focused on eating better again. I say that every week and something always comes up and plans go awry ... but seriously, I need to do really get focused.

Have you noticed an increase in organic stuff in your Costco lately?


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