Week 23 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Yeah, I know, I missed week 22. Well, not really. I have it all lined up, just NOT online ... so for the record, we had a big bbq on Sunday, leftover on Monday, Tuesday was chicken, Wednesday was OUT, Thursday was Smokey Pork and Friday was leftovers.  Saturday was out with friends ...

Grocery shopping was pretty minimal ... $17 at Whole Foods and $58 at Publix...and the Publix shop was because Sonny Boy came home earlier than I planned and well, I have to FEED the boy ... that mothers guilt is the worse!

As it's the official start of hurricane season, I really need to get focuses on the freezers. I say this as I whine that I need to get to Costco to buy more mahi mahi and shrimp and a bunch of other protein. I might still buy those two things, but I REALLY need to get the freezers organized. Who knows, there may be some stray mahi mahi in there. I doubt it but I do know there is shrimp, at least one pound ... 

Hubby pulled the boat out of the water on Saturday so he will be 'preoccupied' after work this week ... which means I better have food ready to eat at a drop of a hat ... sad, huh? I"d like to prepare some of the stuff this week in advance on Sunday ... lets see how THAT works out ...

Ok, enough rambling, lets get planning!

Sunday - tacos and all the fixins ... not a normal Sunday meal but I'm tired and need to really be ready for the week ahead ... I will make mine a salad ... beef from freezer. Will make another batch of salsa also

Monday - ranch pork chops in the crockpot ... sort of a new recipe, pretty much the same as my chicken one, but only with pork chops ... from the freezer of course ... 

Tuesday - chili and fritos (for hubby and Sonny Boy and Princess) ... beef from freezer

Wednesday - chicken lettuce wraps ... will use ground turkey from freezer

Thursday - soup and sandwiches ... I'll give you one guess for the soup ... yes, Benihana Onion Soup ... honestly! I'll eat deli roll ups ... lunchmeat in fridge

Friday - I don't know ... honestly ... may just let Hubby choose ... dinner franks maybe

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... hopefully by this time I will have gone through all 3 freezers and have a firm handle on what we really have!

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