Week 21 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Happy Sunday/Monday everyone! Hope you had a great weekend ... 

I spent mine cleaning and stuff ... and then floating in the pool with a good friend of mine ... she was so excited to finally find the 4-20 beer and I figured, oh heck, float in the pool and have a few beers, great way to end the weekend OR start the new week ... which ever way you look at it ... 

Shopping was kept to a minimum this past week, thankfully ... I really need to get the freezers inventoried and organized as Hurricane Season is right around the corner, and well, nothing is worse than a storm bearing down on you and knowing you have THREE FREEZERS that are jammed packed ... it makes me very nervous!  I also need to get the pantry under control ... it's got stuffed just shoved in and no organization remains since Sonny Boy has been home ...

Ok ... now that you know what kind of chores are on my to do list, lets get to the menu!

Sunday - after floating in the pool and hanging outside for 4 plus hours, I bailed on the grilling burgers plan and opted to make tacos ... had to send Sonny Boy to the store for taco shells (he would have had to pick up buns either way) ... I whipped up a quick batch of salsa in the VitaMix to go alongside ... I made mine a salad

Monday - Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

Tuesday - Chicken Enchiladas ... I've had this recipe pinned for quite a while and wanted to make it on my birthday ... I have everything on hand (since we had tacos on Sunday) ... will most likely cook the chicken in crock pot during the day

Wednesday - leftovers OR pizza (freezer)

Thursday - ahhh ... I don't know ... I'm thinking soup and sandwiches/salads ... just for an easy way out :-) ... would really like to FINALLY make the Benihana Onion Soup that I've wanted to do an updated post on forEVER!

Friday - heading in to a 3 day holiday weekend ... thinking we will probably have a pool party even though BOTH kids will be gone ... will make smokey pork in the crock pot and enjoy for dinner tonight and lunch for a few more days ... and it will take a rather large hunk of meat out of the freezer!

Saturday - Hubbys choice, as always! Probably will not have friends over IF we are planning a pool party on Sunday ... 

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