Week 20 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

ahhh... I am running a bit late this week, aren't I? But don't worry, there IS a menu plan in place, just been hectic and well, the blogging had to be put on a hold for a few days ...
Hoping you all had a wonderful Mothers Day ... I spent the majority of the day floating in the pool while Hubby and Sonny Boy went shopping for a "new" car for Sonny Boy ... they found one and by the time they got home, I was a little toasted, both from the sun and the mimosas and beer :-) ... so they opted to take me out to get my favorite food, Bacon Blue Cheeseburger and fries at the Oceans Grill ... I can't help it, sometimes I'm so simple :)
Busy week at work, my dad gets out of rehab on Friday (hopefully!) and I will need to pick him up and take him back home AND Sonny Boy is STILL here ... so here's the plan!
Sunday - OUT ...
Monday - leftovers for all ... need to clear the fridges out, way too many leftovers!
Tuesday - both kids were home, so we opted to go ahead and do burgers and hot dogs with FRIED PICKLES ... I need to get pics so I can post the recipe! (This was to have been Sunday's dinner but ... well, I was in no mood to participate in kitchen festivities!) Meat was in the freezer, pickles in the pantry  as were a few buns ... good to go!
Wednesday - SUBS ... only because I have lunch meat and sub rolls to use up ... I will have a deli roll up
Thursday - Balsamic & Rosemary Chicken ... only because I need to trim my rosemary plant and I have chicken in the freezer! Sonny Boy will have to be on his own at that point!
Friday - Really want to make some fish stuff this week, like shrimp, so going for Bangin Shrimp again ... Sonny Boy will have to relocate to the other side of house as he gets hives if anything touches him ... I have everything on hand except the coleslaw

Saturday - I'm leaving this open for Hubby to make his choice ... I STILL have steaks in the freezer and would REALLY like to make a nice steak some day soon!
It's been a few weeks since we've had friends over for dinner, oddly enough. Hoping that Friday or Saturday we will ... I enjoy having friends over for great food ... I have plenty of shrimp and steaks to share! 
What are YOU making this week?
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