Costco Time!

It's been a few months since I've been to Costco ... and finally, even Hubby said he needed something (protein powder) from there, so I figured, the next day I get out of the office early, I would head over ...

Well, Wednesday didn't count as that was an emergency cat vet visit ... (poor Kitty Kitty, got his back nail caught and in the process of freeing himself (not sure where or how as of yet, but it was overnight and outside) he pulled the WHOLE nail out and sliced his foot in the process ... traumatizing for all of us!

But I worked LONG and HARD at the office on Thursday and kicked butt again on Friday ... told my boss at 3:30 that I was leaving EARLY to head to Costco for some serious shopping ... he said sure, whatever, pick up some coffee cups too, while your at it ... guess what I forgot to pick up? Yup ... coffee cups ... anyways .... here's what I bought and really stuck to my list ...

6 lb protein powder $48.99 (this is by far one of the cheapest prices I can get this particular brand)
large bin of organic spinach $4.49
100 count keurig coffee $37.99 (Kirkland brand, try them, its pretty good and a lot cheaper!)
Kirkland papertowel $14.99
Kirkland toilet paper $14.99
35 count spring water (for boating and bbqs, coming up!) $4.89
105 count Tide Pods (my favorite) $24.99
Rotisserie chicken $4.99 (planning on making chicken salad for Hubby)
14 inch saute pan $24.99 (can never find a BIG HEAVY skillet and I needed a bigger one, perfect)
3 twin packs of beef jerky $14.49 each less $3.50 each (quick protein snack for all)
bag of cashew crunch $9.99 (I must pretend these do not exist in the kitchen)
160 count dixie plates (for boating & bbqs) $13.79 less $3
large jar of petite dill peppers $3.99
twin pack of olives (hubbys request) $5.99
package of half steamer pans (for boating & bbqs) $5.99
2 4 lb organic 85/15 ground beef (grassfed?) $16.99 each
3 pk roast turkey (deli meat) $9.89
3 pk honey ham $8.99
dinner franks $9.99
3 pk hebrew national hot dogs $11.99 less $3 (not a good deal, at all. not sure why I bought?)
1 lb cooked bacon $12.99 (boy, the price keeps creeping up)
2 containers of cottage cheese (hubbys request) $4.49 each
quart half and half $1.79
1 lb coastal cheddar $6.99
20 oz cooked steak strips (for my evil jungle salads) $12.99
1+ lb of roast beef $7.97 (philly cheesesteak peppers, coming up!)
pk of hard salami $5.69
3 dozen xlarge eggs $4.19. 8 of them were SMASHED. Not sure if I did it or not?
large container of mammoth strawberries $4.99
2 pkgs of mini cukes $3 each (love that price!)
razors $25.49 less $2 (Hubby insisted I buy better razors than we've had lately!)
2 lb bag of brussel sprouts $3
dawn dish soap $8.99
6 pk romaine lettuce $3
1+ lbs of scallops for Hubby (because he was a good sport this week with the menu to MY specifications!) $16.46 (was going to make steak too but we opted to do shrimp and scallops on grill with the brussel sprouts)

Grand total? A LOT $495.73. Paid with the debit card as I might as well take the hit directly.

I think I like shopping on Friday night ... different crowd than the weekends, however, they must stock overnight as there were some bare spots ... eggs for example, what a mess! :-) ... I am not taking them back as it's a 30 minute drive each way on the weekend, the line will be out the door AND I'm not sure if I did it or not.

The chicken was certainly an afterthought ... I hardly ever buy them but I've heard that Costco's are great ... Hubby's been talking about chicken salad for the past week (craving??) so I'm going to make him some with my mayo, celery, diced pickles, and whatever else ... I have a few pins to check out but should be good with what I have on hand!

As the Air & Sea Show (what's left after the Sequester) is next weekend, I figured I might as well start getting stuff for the bbq season starting up ... plus we were planning on boating Saturday, but alas, it's raining, thundering and a few flashes of lightning so that's not happening!

Been to Costco lately??


  1. I stopped buying Costco eggs because there were always broken ones. Cheryl


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