Spinach .... in a Smoothie??

Yeah, I'm a little late for the game but hey, better late than never ...

So you can look all over the web and see all these Green Smoothies.

And probably think something like me, WTF? Spinach in a smoothie? And NOT taste it? Yeah, right ... I believe ya ...

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE SPINACH. In salads. On sandwiches (oh yummy, skip the lettuce and try spinach next time, excellent!) and of course, in dips ... but a smoothie, to DRINK? I think not.

But then I saw THIS (thank you yet again, Pinterest!) and thought, wow, it's ... BEAUTIFUL.

Huh. A green smoothie is beautiful. Purty. Very very much so.

So here you have my opinion ... here's how I did it ...

3 cubes of frozen plain yogurt (I just froze it in ice cube trays and then stuck them 3 to a bag in smaller bags
1 tablespoon peanut butter (not the measuring tablespoon!)
1 frozen banana (sliced)
1 cup milk
2 to 3 handfuls of spinach (enough to fill the blender to top ... I'm sure I should have used more, but oh well)
Honestly, I was worried at this point. That's a lot of spinach

Let the blender whip it up and then hit liquefy if you have it ...

And while I talk about using the blender, another reason I tried this is because usually, when I try to make a smoothie with frozen anything (ice, fruit, etc), the thing is all chunky and lumpy. Ick. Well, IF I had a Blendertec or VitaMix that wouldn't be a problem ... but I can't justify spending $400 to $600 for a blender (hello, this is considered a SMALL appliance) ... so to see that That Iowa Girl uses a Osterizer, well, I knew it would be all right in my world ... just sayin.

So here you go. I blended it up in my Cuisinart. Pretty trusty small appliance, I'd say.

And the end results.

Yes, that IS a Roccos Tacos glass ...

It was actually pretty tasty. Definitely tasted peanut butter ... BUT a word of caution, you have to drink it RIGHT AWAY. Seriously. I stashed some in a glass in the freezer for Hubby and tried his after he made face ... blech. Do it while it's fresh!

FYI - after I got home from the gym the other night, I went ahead and made this with Nutella instead of peanut butter AND fresh banana as I forgot to freeze one that morning ...

If you eat with your eyes, don't do this. It's a pretty ugly, mucky looking green vomit like brown. Sorry. Just saying. Although the taste was still good!

I can honestly say YES I will be making these frequently. I'm thinking these will be great for after a hard workout ... but then that means I'm gonna be skipping a dinner or two ...

So .... have you gotten on the Green Smoothie kick?

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  1. I'm looking to stay healthy! I can't wait to try this smoothie recipe! I'm having a linky party as well, and would love for you to join it! Here is the link http://www.thesouthernproductqueen.com/one-stop-s... Thanks for sharing!


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