Grocery Shops in Review

So we are the first weekend in to the September Challenge … whee!! Anyone else following along on the #Shelftember challenge? I’ve given myself $30 a week … fingers crossed!  Kitten is a little concerned because their cat food is part of that budget!

Of course, full disclosure, I did hit up Costco last weekend (Sunday) and spent around $357.14 and finally found the missing receipt so that shop will be shared as well. (Here is the post!) It should be noted that not everything was food related but because it was bought during a grocery shop, it's included!

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Here’s how the rest of the week played out before September 1st hit!

Whole Foods – August 31st, 2017
Total Spent – 68.64

 I did NOT notice a reduction in price of a single item like they've been marketing. 

Tub of Coconut Macaroons $3.97 (this is Hubby’s all time favorite treat)
4pk Hibiscus Berry Sipper Cocktail $14.99 (whoops)
4pk Cucumber Lime Sipper Cocktail $14.99 (should have just stuck with this one only)
4.25 pounds of boneless sirloin steaks $25.49 ($5.99 per pound)
Beef and chicken are in the freezer for future meal plans

Publix – August 31st, 2017
Total Spent - $200.00
Even. Seriously. Ugh.

3 Lacroix (2 cherry lime, 1 blackberry cucumber) $10
2 unsweetened Pure Leaf 4 pk teas $5.99 for both (B1G1F)
2 sweetened Pure Leaf 4 pk teas $5.99 (B1G1F)
15 pk pint size Coors Light $13.99
2 bottles Cranberry Juice $3.87 for both (B1G1F)
“dog” brush $4.99 (for Kitten, that little ratty white fluffy thing)
Gallon milk $3.75
12 pk Corona Light $13.99
2 cans of Scrubby Bubbles $3.79 each
2 cans of furniture polish $1.99 each
Mr/Mrs T Bold & Spicy Bloody Mary mix $5.45
Mr/Mrs T Margarita Mix $5.45 (less $2 on 2 bottles)
OJ $3.00
2 bags of matchstick carrots $3 for both
Ruby red grapefruit juice $4.29
2 1 pound pkgs of ground chicken $3 each (guess what’s on the menu??)
2 8 oz pkgs of cream cheese $2 each
Almond milk coffee creamer $4.45 less .55 coupon
2 containers fresh salsa $2.50 each
2 pkgs ground chuck sliders $4.71 and $4.58 ($4.99 per pound)
2 pkgs ground chuck burgers $6.51 and $6.38 ($4.99 per pound)
5 pkgs of thin sliced Sargento cheese $2.50 per pkgs guess what else I’m planning to make this month?
6 various bags of Sargento shredded cheese $4.39 for each (3) (B1G1F)
2 heads iceberg lettuce $1.50 each
2 large containers cut watermelon $6.81 for both (B1G1F)
2 small bags of potato fingerlings $4.49 for both (B1G1F)
2 small bags of red potatoes $4.49 for both (B1G1F)
Bananas $1.64
Tostido chips $2.50
2 pkgs hot dog buns $3.59 for both (B1G1F)
2 pkgs hamburger buns $3.59 for both (B1G1F)
2 pkgs English muffins $4.29 for both (B1G1F)

Per the receipt I saved $85.61 … yeah right.

How did you do this week on your grocery budget?

Are you up for a challenge? Go search #Shelftember on Instagram and follow along!

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  1. I always tend to come out of Costco with more than was on my list...

    1. You know that one of their things is to move that item over a few feet and put a NEW item in that spot ... it's to keep those like ME who know exactly where something is exposed to new products. OMG!

  2. Thank you for sharing your review with us at #overthemoon link party. Costco has just come to Australia.

    1. I'd love to hear about the Australian Costco experience!

  3. Same here for costco....I always end up buying plant bulbs, towels, rugs or christmas ribbon. LOL


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