Costco Time

It's been a while since I've been to Costco ... oh, I guess 2 months or so? Maybe a little longer? I could really go look and see, but that's ok ... I'll take it at 2 plus months.

And yes, I did have a list. A long running list that I've had on my phone just waiting for THE DAY.

Sadly, THE DAY was the same day that Sonny Boy wanted to come along too ... never bring along a 22 year old athletic, lean, mean, handsome, eating machine ... he's distracting to the OTHER shoppers AND has a tendency to find things that are really good and healthier (for him) ... ugh.

Gotta give him credit, he forked over his grocery money for the week while we were in line ... $60. Good grief kid. I may have had a tear or two in my eye.

Ok ... so here's the damage:

30 count baked chips $12.39 (kid)
multi pack of sponges $12.49 less $2.70 - I'm tossing all the old ones I have this weekend!
large container of cat food $16.89. As soon as I go to the store and buy REAL cat food, this stuff is going to charity (I am still feeding this to the cats, as much as I hate to do so)
Big box of oatmeal $8.29(kid)
Ziplocs $13.69 less $2.70
twin pack of Victoria pasta sauce $9.39
large box of oat squares $7.39 (kid)
toothpaste $9.99
package of salami $7.29
canadian bacon $10.89
3 lbs (or more?) of turkey lunchmeat $9.59
large bottle (800 count) mens vitamin $16.49 (kid)
granny smith apples $6.49 (kid)
2 gallons of 2% milk $2.89 each (kid)
3 pk honey bears $13.99
papertowel $17.79 less $3.80
large bottle of Dawn dishsoap $9.69 less $2
2 boxes (6 pk each) Quinoa & Rice $11.29 each (kid)
2 pk of heavy duty large foil $13.99 less $3.30
turkey bacon $9.99 less $3
2 12 pks of Naked Smoothie juice $14.49 less $4 each (kid and yes, he knows it's not the best)
100 count kcups $35.99
bag of lemons $7.49
5 pounds of large tomatoes $6.49
4 pk italian sausage $13.99
pk of top sirloin steaks $18.16
2 pks of cooked bacon (1 lb each) $7.99 (I was thrilled to see the price so cheap!!)
100% Natural something $7.99
twin pk of peanut butter $10.99 (kid)
large bag of kettle chips $4.89 (kid)
bag of crumbled bacon bits $9.49
pkg of spinach $4.79
3 pk of butter lettuce $4.79
2 pkgs of bagels $5.49 (kid)
2 bags of raw broccoli $4.99 each (3 lbs each I think)
Protein/Nut bars $11.99 (kid)
5 pk of romaine baby lettuce $4.79
large container of blueberries $6.49
2 4 pks of guac $11.69 each. I froze 7 of the bags and kept one out ... called portion control
2 dozen eggs $6.99
2 big hunks of chuck roast $31.34 ($4.99 a pound)
Aideles Chicken and Apple sausage $13.99
bone in chicken thighs $12.24 (99 cents a pound) ... I wanted boneless but they were a dollar more per pound. Time to learn how to debone a thigh ;-)

The kid had a lot of stuff, didn't he?

Grand total ... ready? $513.85. Ugh. WAY more than I wanted to spend. I'm thinking I should have not bought all the meat this trip as I still need to get the freezers under control :-( ... that might just have to be my weekend project before Hubby comes back! I DO want to cook some stuff up and have some freezer meals ready to go for June as I'm bound and determined to be much more health conscious on the food and liquids we consume to see if we can get a few issues under control.

I should tell you, the Costco that I went to (which is my preferred store) is under going renovations so stuff was moved which you and I both know, that's B A D news ... obviously!

So...have YOU been to Costco lately? Do you dread going for THIS reason?


  1. I did a Costco run over the weekend, and lightened my wallet by $300 - uggh! For me, Costco is a monthly shop as it's about 45 minutes away. I try to avoid taking a Teen with me, as my bill tends to increase by at least $50. I do love Costco, though.


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