Costco Time!

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I was at Costco today ::gasp:: ... they have the Wild Planet Albacore Tuna on sale for $10.99 ... so I picked up 6 packages ... that's like, 36 cans ;-) A lot of tuna, I know, but we've been eating a lot of that lately for lunches!!


Have you also noticed that I have NOT been posting my Frugal Activities post lately either? :-( I know ... it's jus that I haven't 'felt' Frugal lately, so to speak ... just been in a funk and certainly hope this last round of antibiotics takes care of whatever it is I've had going on!

I also skipped out on the Menu Plan this past week, which also goes without saying, Meal Prep too ... oops.  We had a fairly busy week and I just didn't see the purpose of planning the week when it was going to be simply salads, tuna and a night with chicken and roasted broccoli ... one night was out with 2 other couples to see John Mellencamp, which was FABULOUS!!! We had awesome seats (orchestra box) and plenty of room for the 6 of us to dance, jump around, have a few 'close calls' and just rock out. So much fun. It took all of us 2 days to get back to normal after that evening though, so I guess, yeah, we are getting a little older ... ugh.

Ok, here's what this trip brought home .... and a few things were left behind as the prices are creeping up again:

3 bottles of Golden Margarita (NOT the wine stuff, get the black lid!) $7.99 each (SALE!) ... I was out AND Cinco De Mayo is coming soon!
2 gallons of 2% milk $2.9 each
large package of papertowel $18.99 less $4
100 pk of Keurig coffee$35.99 (for the office)
large package of toilet paper $15.99
35 (I think) count spring water $4.39 less $1
30 count gatorade
3 pk 100% pineapple juice $8.99
half and half $1.89
360 count Advil $16.39 less $3 (sad how much we go through this)
2 3 lb containers cottage cheese $4.99 each
24 oz crumbled bacon bits $9.99
a bunch of paper coffee cups $9.99 (for the office)
twin pack of softsoap refill $8.99 less $2.50
large bottle olive oil $11.39
bottle of italian seasoning $4.39
package of pre-cooked bacon $10.49
2 pkgs of cut broccoli (fresh) $4.99 each (I'm on a roasted broccoli kick right now, imagine that!)
pkg hard salami $7.29
3 dozen xlarge eggs $5.99
string cheese $9.39
3 pk seedless cukes $3.99
15 count greek yogurt $10.89
6 6 count albacore tuna $14.99 each less $4 each
package of blueberries $7.99
20 pk bath soap $8.49 less $2.50
4 pkgs ground turkey $17.35 total
2 pks of organic bananas $1.99 each
box (twin pack) of oatmeal squares cereal $7.39

Grand total? More than I wanted ... about $360 or so ...

Funny, Hubby suggested I forgo the Costco trips and put the $500 or so towards the mortgage principal payments. He has a valid point. Maybe I should give this more serious thought as really, Costco's prices ARE going up and down a lot (eggs are up $1 since last month, I put the ground beef back as it was up $4 for the package from before, chicken breast are $2.99 a pound now) ...

I think I can stay out of the stores for a few weeks, what do you think? :-) Oh, I didn't mention the trip to Whole Foods on Friday, did I? That was mostly for a selection of cider (gluten free) beers but still bought a few other things too ...

Been to Costco lately?


  1. Ours has remained pretty stable here in East TN. But I haven't gone in the last few weeks due to traveling between here and FL. So, I'll be making a trip soon. I'm sure since it's Spring, there will be some juggle -- there always is! BTW, I LOVE that tuna!


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