Costco Time!

Oh hey ... did I mention that I stopped at Costco the other night when I went to see my dad? I mean, heck, it's seriously right off the interstate if I head over from work, so might as well stop and shop you know??


I carry a tentative list in my purse most of the time ... just because I love lists, you know?? :-) AND no, I did NOT get everything on the list ...

Here's what I got ...

box of Magic Erasers $8.99 - totally a spontaneous buy but oh, so needed (I love these things!)
large bottle of Dawn dish soap $8.99
gallon of whole milk $3.29
3 lbs of sour cream $4.39. Really sad face, I thought I grabbed cottage cheese for hubby. He has sad face too ;-(
Tide pods - $18.99. Really bummed as I think Target has these cheaper on sale this week! NO!
lemons $6.49
9 (NINE) mini pizza like things - Sevan brand $12.99. Totally spontaneous as in sample and hungry
pkg of Love Beets $7.99. It's a lot of beets
2 5 lb bags of Clementines $5.99 each. I've only had to toss 3 so far (why do a few random ones get fuzzy?)
2 pk of mini watermelons $5.29
pkg of cheese sticks $9.69 (oddly enough, that's my dinner this evening, better than popcorn?)
loaf of UDI gluten free bread $5.00
2 pk of peroxide $1.99
2 pk honey wheat bread $4.29 (one for home, one for dad)
ziploc freezer bags $12.49 (of course, they go on sale this month!!)
tomato mix/grape tomatoes $5.99
bag of limes $5.99
pkg of blueberries $5.19

Grand total? $142.99 ... I'll take that ANY DAY over what has become my normal Costco shop!


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