Menu Plan Monday Week 104 - Using What We Have

It's January and we are currently on a Pantry Challenge ...

So far, I've only spent $26 at the store for food so it appears we are going to be ok for the week ... check back and see how the week goes!

I made my life easier on Saturday by going to the garage freezer and pulling out THREE proteins ... and based my menu on those 3 things ... 3 lbs 96/4 ground beef (tacos), 4 chicken breast along with a bag of stirfry veggies (Teriyaki stirfry) and package of italian sausage (sausage and peppers) ... obviously we are in the beginning stages of the challenge so it's not so much of a challenge, just yet! Lets see how long we can go!

I always try to base my menus around what we have on hand instead of shopping for a specific meal ... it helps that we try to keep a fully stocked pantry and freezers with items that we see on sale and that we eat ... but now I feel we have too much stuff and really need to get the food storage in a more workable state ... as it stands now, things are just crammed in all 3 freezers, the pantry is getting a slow cleanout and organized, shelf by shelf... and honestly, I think by doing this, we will have less food waste in the end ...

Here's what we are planning for the week:

Sunday - tacos ... I'm hoping to just make mine in a lettuce cup (iceburg) while everyone else uses the shells that I found buried in the pantry (don't worry, they aren't that old, I had bought some not that long ago because the kids couldn't find any). Ground beef from freezer, season packet in pantry, balance of fixins in the fridge. Feeding 6

Monday - Soup and sandwiches - black bean soup is the goal (need to tweak my pictures so I can share the recipe) and the sandwiches will be made using the hamburger buns from pantry and the rest of the honey baked ham and turkey from New Years Eve ... we should have enough to go around. Feeding 4

Tuesday - Chicken Stirfry - chicken from freezer as is the bag of stirfry veggies. will probably make a batch of rice (pantry) in the rice cooker too ... feeding 4

Wednesday - Sausage and Peppers ... sausage from freezer, peppers from fridge (fingers crossed they last this long!) along with onions. Will bake a loaf of the bread from freezer (italian loaf from Costco a while ago) and top with cheese from fridge. Feeding 5 - 6

Thursday - Hunk O Beef in the Crock Pot ... chuck roast from freezer. Will serve some dinner rolls (freezer) along with some sauteed zucchini alongside. Feeding 6

Friday - Pizza ... it's been awhile since I've made pizza ... since I just tossed out 9 packets of yeast that expired, I will use the flat bread I have in the freezer ... mozzarella cheese and pepperoni from freezer (if any sausage and peppers are left we will use these too) and will pull out a can of mushrooms and make a margarhita pizza using (hopefully) the last of the cherry tomatoes in the fridge if they last that long with basil from the outdoor plant ... feeding 4 to 6 I believe. Could be just me and Hubby ... won't know til that day.

Saturday - Hubby's Choice ... probably lean towards chicken thighs as we have lots of those still ;-) along with cauliflower (freezer) ...

What are YOU making this week?

Looking forward to sharing with Organized Junkie ... go check it out!


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