Frugal Activities #40

Happy New Year!  Did you make an stellar resolutions for the new year? How about a new budget??

Me? I didn't really make any resolutions, so to speak, but I do have a few goals that I'd like to achieve ... hopefully I will share them at a later date. Some are personal related, others financial and still others blog related ... you know how it is! ;-)

First up for the New Year is the Annual Pantry Challenge ... started it on Thursday the 1st ... let's see how well we do this year!

So ... the last week of the year turned out to be fairly frugal, thankfully!

Here's some of the Frugal Activities we did:

1.  Stayed out of the grocery stores for the most part. Did stop at Publix and spent $45 ... handed out more of the $5 off $30 coupons I had as they were expiring on 12/31 ... most people were surprised and pleased I think

2.  Menu Planned ... and stayed with it for the most part ...

3.  Ate all meals at home with exception of ONE lunch out with Hubby (it's been a long time since we did lunch together and it was nice)

4.  Did my own nails ... not spa quality, but good enough for me

5.  Managed to feed and hydrate New Year's Eve guests with what we had on hand ... love when that happens!

6.  Started a new budget for January and need to tweak it after I take care of item #2 below. This year, I will be adding a medical payment category ... I am making an appointment to see a Chiropractor as I've been having some serious issues with my neck for over a year now and think maybe they can help me out with that ... my co-pay is $60 per visit ... yikes!

7.  Hubby and I both agree that we need to update our wills and perhaps look in to starting a trust ... it's been 20+ years since we did our will, things have changed dramatically since that time! Not to mention, the kids are older and we have more assets, hence the thought process of a trust.  I work for attorneys so we can do both fairly inexpensively with a clear conscious (I need to get past the thoughts I have that I'm taking advantage of people when they do something to help me out) ...

And, of course, full disclosure of our not so Frugal Activities ... 

1.  Realized that my cable bill and cell phone bill payments did NOT go through in the earlier part of December ... I attribute this to the Internet going in and out one day and I'm guessing my "pay" command wasn't picked up ... Ugh ... no late fees were added but it's not how I want to start the new year

2.  Credit card bills need to be analyzed still. I need to get online and pull each one to see what the balance is and then figure out a payment plan.

3.  Have NOT used the gym since before we left for Indiana in November. And honestly, do NOT see that happening anytime soon ... I've got the DVD player all hooked up again and my P90X stuff out to get back on track a little ... need to evaluate if I should cancel the membership, yet again. Thankfully I didn't pay a big sign up fee but still ...

What have YOU been doing Frugal lately?

Looking forward to sharing over at the Money Propeller and The Prudent Homemaker ... go check them out!


  1. Looks like you had a great frugal week. Glad you had a nice lunch with your hubby.

    1. Thanks Vickie... it was nice to do a lunch together ... we only work about 2 miles away from each other but both of us are so busy that we can't do it often!


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