Week 67 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Yeah! I can NOW say ... and now entering Week 2 of Hubby's New Job! :-) But I won't.
It's taken a little work to re-learn the morning routine and the weekend chore list ... I've gotten very spoiled in having the bathroom to myself all morning and then the house is cleaned, meals are prepped and so on ... time to get back to the OLD ways ... which I'm fine with!
I'm late getting this up as I went to see Sheila E last night with a girlfriend ... O M G ... she's still beautiful and still kicks butt ... her band is awesome too in that they came out after the show and hung around with the lingering crowd. We also met her self proclaimed #1 FAN! He was wearing his vintage 1986 Sheila E tshirt and we convinced him to ask her to sign it ... she did ;-) Wouldn't you be thrilled if you were a musician and someone was wearing one of your concert promotion shirts from 28 years ago! Needless to say, we got home at 11:30 pm and I'm a little tired (not hungover, did well with that!) so I'm thankful I have leftovers!
Here's what we are planning for the week:
Sunday - Hubby had leftovers and some chicken wings I had made earlier in the day ... recipe coming soon, I promise! Wings were picked up at ALDI last week ... $8.99 for a 4 lb bag ... bought 2
Monday - Chicken Stirfry (will use leftover chicken and veggies from the freezer)

Tuesday - Cubanos (fingers crossed that I will still have pork leftover to make these!) Bread in pantry, ham & cheese in fridge

Wednesday - Chicken Pasta Caesar Salad ... will use a prepackaged salad mix (buy one get one free this week at Publix) and leftover (I hope) chicken, otherwise will cook up a breast or two in a skillet. Will make the pasta too as the Boy will eat that!

Thursday - Grown Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and tomato soup ... all sandwich ingredients in pantry/fridge ... not sure about the soup, would like to make it from scratch IF I have time.

Friday - Burgers and fries on the grill ... it's been a while since I've cooked fries on the grill (did I ever post that??) I have 2 bags in the freezer, beef in freezer and will need to buy buns.

Saturday - Hubby's Choice ... he's wanting to tie something up with the butcher twine so I might root around in the freezer for a big hunk of beef for him to play with ;-)

I will be stopping at Publix this week as the have boneless, skinless chicken breast buy one get one free ... I'm almost out of salad stuff, I need milk and the usual staples ... I'm staying away from Fresh Market Tuesday sale as I want to hold out for the grass fed beef they will have on sale for $3.29 (or $3.49? I can't remember which but it's a good price) in 2 weeks.

I did clean out the BOTTOM pantry on Saturday morning with the top part to be Sunday's chore ... didn't get that done on Sunday ... but got rid of so many boxes and made it easier for those in the house to grab and go in a hurry :-) ... yes, we are aiming more for convenience this week which sort of goes against my food beliefs ... but I will deal with that later!

Looking forward to linking up with Organized Junkie Menu Plan Monday ... go check it out!


  1. Love all your food pics! Sounds like you have the week all planned out. Good for you. I used to do that too when I worked. I now am home so have fallen into the habit of thinking about what to make for dinner each morning. Also fell into a bad habit of shopping a few times a week (or even more sometimes) for food. I think you buy more when you do that.


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