Frugal Activities #8

I really like posting this weekly. It makes me much more aware of what I'm doing and how I'm doing it ... be it shopping, paying bills, cleaning house or cooking ... everything is given a little extra thought. Of course, sometimes it doesn't matter how much extra thought is given, we have our moments of unfrugalness. Is that a word? Well, a proper word?

I'm trying to really be more frugal in everything I do now ... I mean heck, we are living on my income AND drawing funds from our investment account ... I'm not too pleased with that and if downsized, it wouldn't be necessary ... but Hubby's not ready to do that yet (note: we've lived in the same house since the mid 80's, have over $700,000 in equity at the low end and all 3 cars and boat are paid for ... the insurances, taxes and utilities are whats killing me).

I had a good week last week, although, mostly because I was sick all week. I did hit Walmart, ALDIS and Publix on Saturday when I was out to see my dad. Spent more than I planned but that just means that much less to spend next week.

Here's what we did ...

1.  Menu planned and stuck with it about 60%. My #1 Frugal Tip for anyone, shop from your pantry / freezer / fridge and plan your menu from there ... we ate a lot of leftovers. I had a smoothie one night.

2.  Paid all 75% of the bills for the month, online, of course.

3.  Downloaded a few library books for reading enjoyment.

4.  Used the smartphone and Pandora for inspiration while working out at home and walking.

5.  Browsed Pinterest for a few new motivational ideas.

6.  Stopped at Fresh Market Tuesday to pick up the ground beef (85/15) for $2.99 per pound and whole chicken breast for $2.99 per pound. Spent total of $33.xx ... also picked up a few cucumbers, peppers, more greens and a 12 oz bag of cooked salad shrimp.

7. Skipped out on Costco for another week! Big deal for me ... although I am thinking it's coming soon!

8.  Returned the 6 pack of Keurig coffee things to Publix and exchanged them for the 16 pks ... I wasn't paying attention to realize the Latte ones were only 6 pks ... sorry folks, not doing that! Hubby should be happy to have ...

And then, of course, some of our not so frugal things:

1.  Went out to eat on Wednesday as all the family was home, I was late leaving work and just had a weak moment. So we went to the Japanese Buffet place ... $87 out of my pocket and the kids paid the tip. I am not sure why I reason with myself that it's justified in that we all sit around the table, eating slowly and chatting about everything and nothing? Is it because I'm relaxed in knowing that I have nothing to do after we are finished eating? Is that worth $100?

2.  Left work an hour early on Friday to rush home and meet Hubby to enjoy some adult beverages (frozen strawberry margaritas, recipe coming soon!) ... but had to stop at store on way home to get cheese and stuff for our upcoming Italian Dinner we had planned for Saturday ... spent $28 at Whole Foods, $6 at Publix AND $78 at ABC Liqours ... Hubby had told me that morning to just use the Patron I had on hand for the drinks ... I didn't want to because its "woody" tasting and not good for mixed drinks ... unfortunately, I grabbed a nice bottle of wine that I can't get at grocery store ($16), bottle of Baileys to go with the Patron XO I have ($18), 2 9 pks of Coors ($19) and a bottle of Camarena Tequila ($18) .... all I went for was the beer which should have cost me $15 had they had the 15 pk I wanted ... ugg... I need to gain MORE WILLPOWER!

Bless Hubby's heart ... he's on a mission to just use what we have ... I am sort of looking forward to posting Frugal Activities #9 as he has planned a big dinner party for 12 of us Saturday night for an Italian Feast ... woohoo ... I had went to Whole Foods to pick up the Parm. Reg. cheese he had requested ... everything else is on hand, INCLUDING appetizers and salad ... yeah!


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