Week 54 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Week 30 of Hubbys Unemployment Adventures ... whoa ... that's a LONG time!

And ... I suppose you could say Week "2" of the Pantry Challenge since I didn't go to the store since the Sunday before Costco run (hmmm...I need to get that up, don't I?)

Back to that Week 30 ... that's 210 days. 150 work weeks. Shall I calculate the lost wages too while I'm at it? I think it's best if I don't ...

So anyway. We are doing a Pantry / Freezer Challenge this month, in case you didn't see that in the little banner up above ... I will be posting whats consumed on a daily basis for all 3 meals and hopefully, when I do an end of the challenge update, the pictures of the pantry and freezers will look much more organized. I'm sort of embarrassed when I look at them!

As you can see, we don't always follow the "Plan" for eating. It's easy to get distracted but a lot of times, it's because there are leftovers and it's way easier to reheat that then create a whole new meal ;-D

So ... here's what we anticipate for the week:

Sunday - I plan on making some Broccoli & Cheese Soup (recipe coming!) but not sure if we plan to eat it tonight or wait til Tuesday, the BIG cold front day! (veggies all in fridge/freezer, broth and seasoning in pantry and cheese in fridge)

Monday - Buffalo Chicken Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing (recipe coming!) (chicken in freezer, lettuce in fridge, blue cheese dressing in fridge/pantry)

Tuesday - Soup ... and wedge salad with homemade ranch dressing ... and maybe grilled cheese sandwiches ... brrrr ...

Wednesday - I think I will designate Wednesday as Crock Pot Day ... Ranch Chops with mashed potatoes on the side (chops in freezer, balance of ingredients in pantry and taters in fridge - prepackaged stuff)

Thursday - Leftover or Hubby's choice

Friday - Hubby's choice, most likely chicken and veggies on the grill (chicken in freezer as are some veggies, or the veggies from fridge) ... maybe a stir fry instead

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... would really like something beefy ... need to root around and see what we have in the freezer!

So ... are you doing a pantry/freezer clean out this month for a fresh start to the year?

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*Make sure you follow along on the Pantry Challenge ... so far, there isn't anything "challenging" but I'm sure that will change soon enough!


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