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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 35 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Entering Week 11 of the Unemployment Adventures. NOW things are starting to get a little exciting around here ... might just be because the vacation is over and now reality is setting in?

Anyways ... it's back to me & Hubby for the most part at dinner ... occasionally Princess will show up, but she is generally working evenings. This means I can pretty much plan whatever we want to eat!


Grocery shopping wasn't over the top this past week ... Publix one day for $25, another day for $30, and then Costco for $400 (but I had paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.) and then Aldis fro $50. Ok. So it was a lot, afterall.

Hubby is still on the quest to clean the freezers. I really wanted to get at least one organized over the weekend, but that didn't happen ... maybe this weekend coming up (3 day weekend!)

Here's what we got planned:

Sunday - turned into a lazy evening and we ended up eating leftovers, and black cherry frozen yogurt.

Monday - Tuna salad in baby romaine leaves (it's been a long time since I've made tuna, pretty tasty!)

Tuesday - Ranch Chops in the Crockpot (chops were bought at Costco, rest in pantry)

Wednesday - chili or tacos ... not sure yet which way I want to go with it :-) (ground beef in freezer)

Thursday - yum yum chicken (thighs in freezer)

Friday - I'm thinking keep it simple as it's a 3 day weekend that could be lots of grillin and chillin ... may just fire up some Aidells's chicken sausage with bacon and mushrooms (freezer)

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... most likely seafood related as we still have mahi mahi, snapper and grouper in freezer

What are you planning for the week??

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Costco Time!

I tried to get Hubby to go with me on Friday night after I got off work.

He declined. I told him it would be F U N.

Apparently we have different ideas of what fun on a Friday night really are. Not to mention, he was working on the boat and I was still at the office when I called him at 7pm.

So here it is, 11:15 and I'm typing up my Costco trip and he's in the kitchen putting the chicken and spinach from dinner away. Hmm...I think I see a slight reversal in the household roles going on :-)

I was instructed to GO TO COSTCO but to make sure nothing came home that needed put in the freezers since Hubby is bound and determined to clear the freezers out ... I admit it, they need it! So I had my handy dandy list and off I went at 7:15 pm on a Friday, ALONE ...

Here's how it panned out:

2 containers of peanut butter filled pretzel bites $7.69 each (one is for the office and I 'could' get reimbursed if I asked)
1 pkg of "oh yeah" protein bars $17.99. These are Hubby's favorite protein bars
80 count coffee k cups $37.99
3 ltr of olive oil $10.49
3 pkgs (12 count) of beef jerky $13.99 less $3.50 each
2 cartons of half and half $1.69 each
twin pk of grey poupon $6.99 (the main reason Hubby wanted me to go to Costco)
large bag of organic baby kale $5.49
blueberries $3.99
pkg of cooked bacon $14.99 holy cow this stuff got expensive!!! May be the last time I buy :-(
mini peppers $5.99
strawberries $4.79
1 lb Coastal Cheddar Cheese $6.99
bag of fresh, peeled garlic $5.39 (to prep like this)
TP $18.99 less $4.50
5 lbs tomatoes $6.79 (tomatoes this year just suck, in general, even in Indiana)
12 pk coconut water $15.79 less $5.00
java cup $9.29 (for the office, reimbursable if I pursue)
box of muscle milk (for Hubby) $29.79 less $6.00
fabric softener $8.99 less $2.00
Tide $19.99 less $2.50
Paper towel $19.99 less $4.00
2 pkgs of Dietz & Watson turkey (lunch meat) $11.59 each (not a BIG fan of this brand)
twin pk of Worcestershire sauce $6.99
bacon bits $11.59 (again, wow, price gone way up!)
Balsamic Vinegar $10.99
2 bags of Riceworks sea salt & Black Sesame chips $5.39 each (these are very very close to the taste of FRITOS! Only gluten free ...)
4 pk of Colgate toothpaste $13.89 less $3.50
2 pkgs of baby romaine lettuce $4.29 each (price went down)
2 pkgs of boneless pork chops $12.17 and $13.57 (I think $2.89/lb?)
Large bottle of Excedrin Migraine $13.89 less $3.50 (I've had a migraine since I got home Tuesday night)
bag of cocktail cukes (yes, the receipt says that!) $4.99

Grand total was $404.78. I said "Of  Course" when the cashier told me. Uggg. Even without any major meat purchases it still adds up.

So now my mission is to make sure none of the produce goes to waste ... big task but I will do my best!

Been to Costco lately??

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 34 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

We are finally back from our two week road trip ... what a blast Hubby and I had! I think it's what we both needed ...

All I can say is I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK TO NASHVILLE!!!!! But it is so good to be back home!

Sonny Boy headed back to Orlando for school. So we can get back to the real way of eating (seafood stuff) ... AND we are now entering week 10 of the unemployment adventures. I will need to really crack down on spending as that great city we stayed in for 3 days was a little on the expensive side. (well, it wouldn't have been, EXCEPT we did quite a bit of bar hopping) ... so I need to try and be conservative with the grocery shopping. Of course, I have NO idea what's in the freezers and pantry as I told Sonny Boy to grab anything and everything he desired to take back with him ... but do know that we have some snapper, shrimp and mahi mahi ... and since we are now in Week 10 of the Unemployment Phase, I am very focused on using what we have ...

So here's how the week is looking:

Sunday - Nashville still ... we went to a great little place called The Tavern ... O M G ... I wanted to snag the menu and bring it home to try a bunch of the stuff!!

Monday - Ocala - Sister In Law had her boyfriend make us some fried fish with stuff he just caught on Sunday ... it was good and makes me want to start fishing AGAIN!

Tuesday - home, sweet home!! Will most likely need to make a quick stop at the grocery store and really need to get on track ... grillin some chicken breast (freezer) that I will marinate in Caesar dressing and serve a side salad with some Olivey Garden Dressing ...

Wednesday - Bangin Shrimp - everything in freezers/pantry ... will pick up a bag of coleslaw mix from store on Tuesday

Thursday - BLT Inspired Chicken Salad - all in freezer, greens picked up Tuesday

Friday - Chillin and Grillin ... Sausage and Peppers (sausage is in fridge, peppers are too, along with onions ... may need to get some bread and cheese

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... still aiming to try that snapper recipe we had at the cooking class back in MAY!

Not a whole lot of anything exciting going on, as you can see ... but that's what happens when you come out of vacation mode!

What are YOU making this week??

Monday, August 19, 2013

Stuffed Peppers - Philly Cheesesteak Style

These are everything and more ... I promise!

Hubby has requested I do this again ... he liked that they were flavorful and healthy ... only requested that I cook the peppers more next time (they were firm and crunchy still)

It's pretty easy ... and now I want to make them AGAIN ... but need to find an alternative to the roast beef.  I figured this recipe, that fed the two of us for dinner only, cost about, oh, $11 or so. Yeah. Not frugal whatsoever. My latest quest is to find a roast beef recipe that will have the same characteristics as deli roast beef ... wish me luck and offer up any suggestions you might have!

So here we go ...

2 larger green peppers, cut in half and de-seeded
12 oz or so of roast beef, cut into thin strips
8 slices of provolone cheese
1 large sweet onion, thin sliced
1 pkg of mushrooms, sliced.
1 clove of garlic, minced

Saute the shrooms, onions and garlic for about 20 minutes, season with salt and pepper.

While these are cooking, toss the peppers in the oven and allow to cook til they start to get a little soft (IF YOU LIKE YOUR PEPPERS FIRM, SKIP THIS STEP)

Remove peppers from oven and let cool for a few minutes.

Once the onions and shrooms have started to caramelize a bit, add the sliced beef and saute til warmed.

Line the insides of each cut half of pepper with a slice of provolone cheese.

Fill the peppers with the meat and veggie mixture. Top each pepper with a slice of cheese.

Roast in oven at 400 degrees til cheese is melted and bubbly.  (Here is where I realized I should have roasted the peppers a little before lining with the cheese!)

Serve up!

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