Week 52 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

AND ... entering Week 28 of Hubby's Unemployment Adventures ...

I'm trying to not to get nervous NOW but I can't help it ... I'm starting to feel anxiety about the new year and no job!  I need to stay calm, and positive ... I'm working on that, honestly!

Fortunately, Sonny Boy was able to sublet his apartment to a student last week! Thank you God! That's $600 that we no longer need to worry about each month ... of course, with the National Budget issues, Hubby is apparently in line to potentially lose his unemployment benefits ... which would really hit as that pays the mortgage and a few other things ...


Ok ... so here's what we are looking at for the menu this week ... there will be some shopping on Monday and Tuesday as I want to scoop up a few more good deals that are going on right now ...

Sunday - blue cheese bacon burgers - burgers in the freezer, blue cheese and bacon in fridge, will make tater tots (freezer) and Sonny Boy picked up buns for me earlier

Monday - Chicken stir fry - chicken from freezer, veggies in fridge/freezer/pantry. I will use what we have on hand. Not sure if Hubby and Sonny Boy will want rice or not (although, I'd like to try the cauli-rice)

Tuesday - we would normally do a McD's drive through (Christmas Eve tradition) but I think this year, we will skip that as I have to work til about 2pm or so probably (I'm slammed again at the office) ... thinking of doing appetizers with cheese, crackers, deli meats, veggie tray, snausages (yes, again!) and onion dip ... need to feel Hubby out and see what he thinks

Wednesday - Merry Christmas!!  We are leaning towards doing a big hunk of beef ... pretty sad that 3 days away and we still have not made our decision :-) ... that's part of the reason that I will be hitting the stores Monday and Tuesday!

Thursday - leftovers, baby ...

Friday - I believe our friends will be in town, so if that's the case, we will grill something or another ... Hubby's choice

Saturday - pretty much a repeat of Friday, I'm sure :-) ... whatever it is, I will make sure it's from the freezer!!

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