Week 50 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

And Week 26 of Hubby's Unemployment Adventures ....

THANKFULLY, this past week Hubby had quite a bit of activity on the job front ... not that he received any offers or anything but lots of inquirers and requests for further info and of course, salary requests. That's a difficult area for him as he knows he was paid below average before so he's trying to boost the salary a little ... I think its like playing with fire.

Any who.

This upcoming week is going to be busy prepping for the Boat Parade Party and I want to keep it stress free (hello Holy Basil) ...

Sunday - Princess is 23. Where has time gone?? She had requested we BBQ so its bacon blue cheese burgers and Asian cabbage salad (which I realize I need to do a post on!) Beef from freezer, Hubby bought buns, blue cheese and shrooms from fridge, bacon from freezer and salad stuff from fridge

Monday - leftover chicken/bacon/swiss/mushroom sausages with a nice rice pilaf that Hubby had made Saturday night (all from the fridge!)

Tuesday - leftover Burgers from Sunday (all from the fridge!)

Wednesday - I need to make this evening a cookie night so shooting for something simple like salad or soup and salad, or sandwiches ... you know, easy! I show the shrimp salad as I have everything on hand except the mangos and avocado (I do have guacomole!) so I could make do with THIS if Hubby was willing :)

Thursday - Hubby will most likely need to take a few of the Holy Basil vitamins today :-) ... so I'm planning on firing up the crock pot in the morning with Ranch Chops 
(chops in freezer, rest in pantry. I also have premade taters in fridge)
Friday - out company Christmas dinner at Grille 66 ... yummm

Saturday - Boat Parade Party tonight. We anticipate about 30 people and possibly a few more. There will be a lot of food and our goal is to to a little prep each night this week so we aren't swamped this day. I will try to get the full menu plan for this night up with a separate post.

I've been doing my smoothie several times a week, 2 to 3 times in place of the normal eggs and bacon. A few times I added a handful of spinach just to get me some more greens for the day ... and I've also been pretty good about eating salads for lunch and avoiding carb heavy, floury products. When I weighed myself, on Thursday I was 2 lbs less and again on Sunday morning, the scale read the same, so that's great that I'm at least able to keep it up this week! Yahoo! So, I don't know if it's the seriously conscientiousness of what I'm putting in my mouth, the 3 new vitamins, the smoothies ... all I know is that my exercise level has NOT increased so that definitely needs to change!

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