Costco Time!

Another Trip to Costco!

I had a list, and I didn’t get everything that was on it … and then I picked up other things that were NOT on it … you do know that’s the #1 problem with shopping at Costco, right?

80 count Newmans Keurig Coffee $36.99 less $5
Bag of limes $4.59
Bag of lemons $6.99 less $1
2 lb bag of cauliflower $3.99
6 lb bag of Muscle Milk Protein Powder $32.99 less $6
Twin pack of pomegranate perils $6.99
Box of O Yeah protein bars $17.99
Big wedge of blue cheese $7.412
2 large bottles of B12 (rapid dissolve, I love these things) $16.49 x 2 less $5 x 2 (one bottle for g/f)
Bag of crumbled bacon bits $11.99
2 containers of half and half $1.69 each
Container of grape tomatoes $5.79
Large container of organic spinach $4.49
48 count string cheese $8.59
3 pk seedless cucumbers $3.99
Jalepeno Popper dip $7.99
3 pk of honey ham/roast beef/roasted chicken lunchmeat $11.59
2 lb bag of cooked shrimp $18.99
2 pkgs of cooked bacon $12.99 each
2 pkgs of baby artesian romaine lettuce $3.99 each
Bottle of sea salt $2.79
Bag of multigrain chips $5.99
Bottle of chopped onion $3.39
Smoked fish dip $9.89
Bag of riceworks sea salt/sesame seed chips $5.39
Bag of jerkey $8.99
Pkg of mushrooms $3.99
Mango slices $7.99 (had a change of heart and had these removed and taken off)
2 pack of peanut butter $10.99 less $3 (Sonny Boy is coming back home, you know?)
2 pk organic honey $8.99
bag of celery sticks $3.99
big container of baby spring mix $4.59
twin box of frosted flakes (!!!!!) $6.59. These were returned as they did not belong in my cart!
Grand total $312.26 less $6.59 ... way more than I anticipated spending, that's for sure. Suppose it makes up for last weeks $75 or so trips total ...

NOTE: If you download the Costco app to your smart phone and just show the cashier, they will automatically take the discounts/rebates/coupons off ... heck of a lot better than carrying the booklet all over the place in my opinion :)

Been to Costco lately?


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