Week 47 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

AND ... entering Week 23 of Hubby's Unemployment Adventures.

Things will start to get interesting now ...

1. Sonny Boy will be driving home the Tuesday before Thanksgiving AND will have his car full of personal belongs.  He will be moving back home after his finals in the 2nd week of December. I had told him back in early October that he either finds a job to help pay for his living expenses away from home, OR he needs to come home after this semester is done. Guess what? He's coming home as he's more confident to be able to get a job HERE then there.

2. Property taxes are due at the end of this month. I've got $3,000 stashed away for that. Bill is $5800. We will need to tap into our investments to get the balance out (normally we'd both have the money saved, but as Hubby has no income at this time, we don't).

3. Hubby's birthday is Thursday. Luckily, he's become very frugal minded and has a coupon for his favorite restaurant, 50% off tab ... we will go out to eat that night, probably to the tune of $50 to $70 (if we skip the adult beverages, which we should, it would be more like $45)

4. Thanksgiving is coming up ... I have the 2 turkey breast in the freezer. We fry with friends so I might need to buy a complete bird too.

5. Both kids birthdays are coming, Sonny Boy 21 and Princess 23. I just paid for Sonny Boy's car insurance so that SHOULD be his birthday and Christmas present ...

6. And then, of course, Christmas parties, Boat Parade, Christmas and then New Years ... I'm starting to stress just a tad.

Needless to say ... I must stay focused on saving money and Using What We Have ... so here's the menu plan ...

Sunday - 3 pack pot roast (sirloin roast from freezer, packets from pantry) served with dinner rolls, rice and veggie mix (leftovers from freezer/Saturday dinner)

Monday - BLT Chicken Salad (chicken from freezer, lettuce, bacon, tomatoes from fridge)

Tuesday - Picadillo with black beans and rice (beef from freezer, tomatoes and olives from pantry, along with canned potatoes. Rice & beans from packet in pantry) ... just realized that I've never posted this recipe!!

Wednesday - Leftovers ... or a salad with canned soup if nothing is left

Thursday - out for dinner

Friday - burgers (freezer) on the grill ... will need to get buns

Saturday - Hubby's choice ... most likely chicken thighs as we have plenty of those still! ;)

I'm also going to introduce him to my new "Japanese Style Veggies" this week at some point ... watch for THAT post!  Let's just say, I ate 2 whole zucchinis this way ... and I do NOT eat zucchini! :)

What are YOU making this week??

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