Week 45 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

AND ... entering Week 21 of Hubby's unemployment adventures ...

Last week, I skipped doing a 'real' menu plan to allow Hubby to utilize his creativity skills ... and he did pretty well ... we did go out to eat with Princess on Tuesday and then Saturday we ordered pizza after we got home from boating all day ... but otherwise, he did pretty good!

I spent about $95 or so at the store this past week ... half of the stuff was not 100% necessary, whereas the $3.75 TP and dish soap were ... I do see a Costco trip in the very near future, but thankfully, didn't go on Sunday :-)

Hubby is traveling this week, leaves on Tuesday morning and comes home NEXT Wednesday (going to visit his dad, hopefully help move some more stuff to the new house) ... so I can make whatever I want and enjoy it! Woohoo!  I did tell a few girlfriends that we would do a girls night at the house on Friday and hope to be able to use what we have on hand ... I think it will be just fine.

I also want to make a few things that are good for me to have on hand, such as the grain free biscuits ... I can make these and let them cool and then toss in the freezer ...

Sunday - it was Hubby's call ... he conned me in to going to Skyline Chili ...

Monday -  BLT Chicken Salad (chicken from freezer, bacon from freezer, lettuce and tomatoes were bought at produce store Sunday)

Tuesday - Hubby is gone, it's walk night with girlfriend so will keep it simple and make the Simple Shrimp Dish (shrimp in freezer, peppers bought at produce store on Sunday)

Wednesday - may have a friend over to try the prickly pear recipe ... either way, will make chili ... going to try in the crock pot this time around ... yum

Thursday - walk day again ... looking to make a quick stir fry with zucchini, chicken, bean sprouts, onions and peppers ... not a real recipe except the Japanese inspired veggies

Friday - Girls Night! Thinking of chicken thigh skewers (chicken thighs in freezer) ... question is: sweet and spicy or just pineapple/onion/pepper? Also will make my Asian slaw (need to buy coleslaw), and will do the bread with dipping sauce (will buy bread) ... I might encourage others to bring an appetizer of sorts. Figure about 10 of us will be here at the house!

Saturday - aiming to NOT be hungover this day, and also, that no one felt compelled to sleep over and hang out ... my neighbor and I will be doing a lunch today and THEN I'm hoping to be able to whip something up simple to give me a quiet evening at home by myself ... sooo looking forward to that! Most likely will do a salad of sorts (steak salad, perhaps? Steak in freezer!) Also want to put a pork roast in the crock pot today to eat in the upcoming week for lunches and stuff ...

Hoping to get in the freezers and get them organized to see what I really have on hand ... and then will hit Costco up ... but NOT before then!

**Anyone notice TWO crock pot references this week?? It's getting to be that time of year!**

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  1. Just wanted to comment that I really enjoy your blog. Ive made a couple of your recipes and they have all turned out great. Yum Yum chicken being the biggest standout winner!!

    1. thanks Jaycee ... glad you enjoy the recipes!


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