Grocery Shopping - October 27th to November 2nd

Can you believe it's NOVEMBER??? And I have my windows open on this lovely day that I keep thinking it's 9am, but really, it's only 8am .... arrrgggg ... waiting for the REAL 9am to roll around so I can head west to see my dad.


Obviously, we didn't...that's what happens when you go boating all day long and get home too late ... and only because you drank all the beer and vodka that was available ...

Any ways.

After last week's minimal trips and then my hope desire plan to reduce spending this month, I'm off to a questionable start ... I need to do a Costco run soon, we are out of tp, eggs, grocery bags, etc.  I'm figuring that's going to be a $200 trip ...

Either way ... here's a recap of the week ...

Tuesday had a quick run during my lunch hour to Publix ... mostly to pick up Halloween candy, a little bit of rabbit food, dish soap, tp ($3.75 for a 4 pack of tp??) ... used my $5 off $30 coupon and spent $30.00 exactly. I know. $13 of that was candy!

Thursday night was a quick stop at Whole Foods ... primarily to pick up a few lemons, honey crisp apples and pumpkin head. The beer was $9.49. It is the last 6 pack I will buy for the season as I connect Pumpkin head with Halloween ... total spent $33.39. The sour dough bread was a treat that we ended up using on Saturday for sandwiches ...

AND THEN, Saturday morning required a quick run to Publix for the boat trip ... ice, beer, milk. Used a $5 off the $30 and spent $32.87.

Total spent $96.00 roughly. Way better than the $150 I was allowing myself ... could have done without half the stop at Whole Foods but oh well ...

Hubbys out of town this coming week and half of next week ... hoping to stay far away from the stores during this time, however, I do have a small girls night planned this Friday ... would like to be able to use what we have on hand for entertaining with a few minimal items picked up.


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