Week 41 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Week 17 of our Unemployment Adventures ...

Hubby got his first unemployment check ... woohoo, I suppose? :-) Yes ... because that $275 a week will pay the mortgage, if nothing else!

I did a pretty minimal shop this last week ... and would like to stay away from the stores this week too ... however, boating on Sunday may require a trip to the store for a few last minute items ... BUT, at the last minute on Saturday, AFTER  I posted my weekly shopping trips, we decided to go to the store as we were taking a boat trip on Sunday ... we needed a few things, primarily, BEER and buns ... the funny thing was, walking through the store, looking at stuff, Hubby said "no, we are on a budget now, you know?" That made me laugh! In a good way because I think it makes me realize that YES, he's on the same page after all these years :-) ... I am putting this trip on next weeks budget ...

Since I spent $50 on Saturday night, I'd like to really stay away from the stores this week, ideally, keep it under $50 or so ..

OH ... and THEN...Chatty Cathy has decided to come out to my house on Tuesday and Thursday to do a 3 to 5 mile walk with me along the ocean ... um, ok. Please, be here by 6:30 so we can be done by 7:30 and you be on your way home by 7:45 ... right? RIGHT.

Sunday - Leftover hot dogs and chicken sausage from the boat .. .we got home way later than I'd like for a Sunday, 7pm ... so once I kicked everyone out, it was time to nuke the hot dogs and sausage ... both meats were from the freezer, buns were bought, tater and mac salad bought, cukes and carrots from fridge

Monday - Ham & Cheese Sliders ... been wanting to make these for so long ... watch for MY version of the recipe! - Ham in fridge (deli) as is cheese. Buns were picked up at Costco a week or so ago.

Tuesday - chili cheese dog (hoping to have time to make chili for lunches this week, otherwise, canned stuff from pantry) - hot dogs in freezer, buns in pantry, cheese in fridge.

Wednesday - Chili and wedge salad - chili ingredients in freezer and pantry, iceburg lettuce in fridge, will give a shot at blue cheese dressing for first time to use up the last little bit of cheese we have

Thursday - Pork chops ... I have some beautiful ones in the freezer. I may let Hubby do a stuffed chop, but then again, maybe not ... rule is he has to use what we have on hand!

Friday - friends and family stuff tonight, I'm sure ... most likely grillin and chillin, burgers or chicken, both of which I have in the freezer

Saturday - Hubby's choice, depends if we have any friends over ... may bully him into making the clam chowder again ... if he does, will need to pick up more clams (canned) but the balance of ingredients are on hand already!

So ... what are YOU planning for the week?

Looking forward to linking up with these great blog hops ... go check them out! Menu Plan Monday, Pinning and Planning, Menu Plan


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