Costco Time!

I had to go see my dad at the hospital and since Costco is literally 1 1/2 miles or so away, I felt obligated to swing in there and pick up a few things.

Seriously, I had a list!!

Only 1 thing was tossed on as a last minute impulse buy. The serving bowls. Way cool ... the rest were things we needed for our little dinner party we had on Saturday night (Rib eyes with blue cheese & mushroom sauce and New England clam chowder soup ... yumm yummm yummmm)

So. There it is. On a Saturday afternoon ... here's how it went down:

Beef Rib Eyes $28.17 (I think they were $8.49/lb?)
2 lb bag of shrimp (cooked, peeled and devined) $16.99
Picnic Pack of Ketchup (2), Mustard and Relish $7.25
4 pk ceramic serving bowls (way cool) $19.99 *
4 boxes of Ziploc freezer bags (gallon size) $10.99
80 count Keurig coffee $37.99 less $5
3 lb pk of mushrooms $3.59
3 pk of English cucumbers $3.49
king hawaiian rolls $3.89
quart heavy cream $2.89
fresh French cut green beans $4.59
2 pkgs of baby romaine lettuce heads $3.79 each
360 count Advil $16.39 less $3
20 pk bath soap $8.49
dried oregano $3.99
Adele chicken habernaro sausage ... $13.49 * I wanted the mushroom ones but they no longer carry.

Grand total $184.14. Ahem.

The rib eyes are currently in the freezer. There were 4 in the package so I put 2 in each bag and tossed in the freezer. I was a little worried that we might not have enough to go around as a few more people were coming than I had anticipated but we DID have enough, thankfully!

Been to Costco lately?


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