Week 30 Menu Plan - Using What We Have

Entering the 6th week of Hubby's unemployment ... I believe the partial payout of the severance package was deposited in his account Friday (we have separate accounts) ... but still, I need to stay focused this upcoming week and really get in to the no spend mode :-) ... Shouldn't be so difficult as I am the hostess of a blog called "Frugal In Florida", right? :)

So. Shopping this past week wasn't so very bad ... $10 Publix for a few emergency female items (I was warned that something would show up with a vengance ... um, yeah, that's NO LIE! Geesh!), $98 at Publix on Saturday which included about $30 worth of stuff for my dad ... rest was milk, cleaning supplies, bread for the carb freaks in the house and a few odds and ends and then $25 at the produce store. I bypassed Whole Foods due to the costs but find I buy a LOT of stuff at the produce store because it's cheap: red peppers, orange peppers, green peppers, apples, celery, cilantro, etc. I already have tomatoes from Costco but was wishing I hadn't bought those!

Wednesday and Friday look to be busy days this week ... of course, I have a busy day everyday, so those two days will be even busier than the norm. I will keep things simple those days just in case Hubby gets wrapped up in his boat and doesn't plan ahead of time :-)

I was sort of hoping that Hubby would go to the west coast to visit some friends, but sounds like he has plans and lunches set up this week ...

Here's what I'm planning on cooking:

Sunday - SHOULD have been an Asian Beef Lettuce Wraps ... from Pinterest ... but we lazed around the whole day, Hubby messed with the kitchen sink plumbing, ate leftovers and I decided to make a smoothie ... everything was on hand already

Monday - we had a HUGE salad .... I mean, like, gigantic. Yummy

Tuesday - Taco Tuesday ... beef from freezer, may need to pick up some cheese and shells but maybe not. Have the balance of toppings in fridge ...  I may make mine a poblano taco ... but maybe just a salad will do

Wednesday - Turkey Club/BLT's ... mine will be a salad. Bacon and turkey from freezer, tomatoes and lettuce from Costco, bread in pantry

Thursday - Smothered Chicken (new recipe, again, if it's good, will post my version of the recipe next week)

Friday - Chicken and Veggies on the grill ... chicken in freezer, veggies in fridge

Saturday - Hubby's choice, thinking of snapper as we have some in the freezer ... want to make the recipe we had at the cooking class ...

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  1. Just stopping by for a blog visit via Menu Plan Monday.
    My husband and I have been through stints of unemployment a few times. It can be rough but also bringing the best out of everyone.
    I actually learned how to use grocery weekly fliers while I was unemployed. Thanks to the MPM participants.


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