Week 6 Menu Plan

Wow! The Ravens had been kicking butt and DOUBLE WOW when the stadium lost power and it was 27 minutes in as I typed this ... I was just trying to imagine being in the crowd when it went dark! YIKES!

Stellar game, even if you don't follow football ... and great half time by Beyonce, who apparently, needed to prove that yeah, she can dance and sing :-) ... I only wish I could shake my booty HALF that much and not get whiplash from the thigh jiggle ...

Ok, ok, you came for the menu ... sorry, just running late and the plan was not coming together easy for me this week ...

I've done some heavy shopping this week ... and I'm not quite sure for what! About $175 or so has been spent and well, I'm not at all pleased. Only $15 of that is from the produce store. Most items will be modified somewhat for me to try and reduce the grains on my plate ...

Sunday - wings, chili, lemon bars ... we originally were going to fry up some pickles and other stuff but life interrupted those ideas/plans and we kept it much simpler ... no friends, just me, Hubby and Kitty Kitty. Princess went to some party and we just decided it was ok this way.

Monday - stuffed peppers ... excited to try this and hope its as good as it sounds. Going to grind up some chops I have in the freezer to make the sausage and the peppers are in the fridge from last week

Tuesday - leftover chili and hot dogs ... not to be confused with chili cheese dogs ... well, maybe ... dogs are in the freezer (nitrate free babies). Buns were picked up over the weekend

Wednesday - soup and sandwiches ... still trying to get to the onion soup!

Thursday - tacos (salad for me). Beef in freezer, toppings in fridge and I believe we have some shells floating around in the pantry

Friday - blackened chicken sandwiches ... been a LONG time since we've had. Buns were picked up over the weekend, chicken in freezer and rest in pantry/fridge

Saturday - Hubbys choice ... as always Friday and/or Saturdays usually involve friends over so dinner gets switched up either day ...

Last week I didn't do super well on the plan ... but I did make the salsbury steaks which will be shared soon, I promise ... Hubby liked, even thought it's not as good as when he makes them, but it's great for a weeknight meal with very little time invested!!

Linking up with Menu Plan Monday ... go check it out!


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