Menu Plan Monday Week 45

First week of November and heading in to the homestretch of the year. Wow, can you believe that 2012 is almost over?

To think that I was trying to do a Year of Zero ... but way too many life changing events took place and that had to be set aside. Will I try again for 2013? I don't know. It depends on the family stuff that I'm currently handling ... that puts a huge financial stress on everything else so I sort of doubt it. I am, however, playing around with the thought of making it a year of decluttering, or ridding myself of excess ... but that too, remains to be seen if I can possibly take on something like that. As I was telling a girlfriend the other day, I sometimes feel like I have NOTHING left within me to offer others after my usual day to day commitments. Is that a sign of something? Overwhelmed? Yeah, I'm quite certain of it. Which is probably why I had one too many beers last night while we jammed with Pandora ... but that's ok, I really needed to have something take me away, and the excellent selection of music was just the thing.

Ok, enough of the soul baring stuff ... you came to take a peek at what I'm planning to eat this week, didn't you??

As always, trying to use up what we have in the freezers.  I do buy a LOT of fresh veggies for lunches and sides and don't necessarily link up or even mention those ...

Sunday - Hot dogs ... Hubby was craving them so fortunately, I have some in the freezer ... he picked up buns ... I'm serving with veggies on the side

Monday - Aussie Chicken ... will have to determine what kind of cheeses I have on hand

Tuesday - Shrimp ... something shrimpy ... Simple Shrimp ... Hubby hasn't had that yet! Will pick up pepper on way home from work

Wednesday - maybe out since we missed it last week ...

Thursday - Asian Chicken Soup ... it's going to be chillier again! I don't have the peas, but do have a few bags of stir fry veggies, may just use the bag of veggies or ROB the peas from the bags :)

Friday - Grilled thighs and veggies ... summertime NEVER ends here in Paradise! I 'think' I have a few packages left in freezer since we didn't do this last week

Saturday - Hubbys choice ... we will have friends over either Friday or Saturday night ... I'd like to do steaks if possible since we have some in the freezer

So what are you making this week?

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