Kitchen Competition

It seems that lately, I'm competing with Hubby to do cooking detail. I mean seriously, I know some wives wished they had this problem ... but it's not all fun and games...

1.  I still get stuck doing the dishes, regardless of WHO cooks

2.  Throws the menu plan out of whack

3.  Messes with the food rationing I have going on ... ok, it's not really rationing, but since I'm not doing the stockpiling stuff and we are trying to eat down the freezers, I have specific things set aside, in my mind, to use for certain recipes. When Hubby just grabs that last bag of italian sausage to cook up, there went my plan for red sauce, sausage and peppers, or whatever. I know, it's selfish. I can't help it!

4.  It messes with my no-grain eating habits. Uggg. He tries. He really does. He buys WHOLE GRAIN pasta instead of the regular stuff, because "Jan, it's says WHOLE GRAIN" ... bless him, he is trying but is missing the one thing: NO GRAINS!

But I can't bitch too much ... he is an EXCELLENT cook and I LOVE all the food he makes ... I just need him to think and do like me. Oh wait, is that considered brainwashing? :) I love that man, either way!


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