Costco Trip

My dad was in the hospital that has a Costco not 2 miles away ... so what the heck, may as well utilize the time and shop ...

I actually had a few items to take back and had tossed them in the car on Monday morning, thinking one day after work, I'll drive straight to Costco. I didn't have a list, and didn't have the coupons. Figured that way, just get the basics and be in and out, hopefully for no more than what I was returning.

What I didn't know that morning was that my father would have ANOTHER medical emergency ... but alas, I didn't go shopping that Monday evening. I was stressed and worn out.

It's a miracle I went on Tuesday ... I was even more stressed and worn out (this was the night that he couldn't even feed himself) ... but figured, you know what, before I get on the road, a little breather within the vast aisles of Costco might be just what I needed ... it's true and it worked.

So returned $40 and change of stuff ... and in return, pushed my cart around the perimeter of the store for 45 minutes and picked up the following:

gallon of milk $2.89
10 lbs of individually frozen chicken breast $22.59
6 dozen xlarge eggs $4.29 x 2
container of butter lettuce (3 heads) $4.59
bag of mini cucumbers $4.29
carton of half and half $1.79
6 pk of romaine lettuce $4.29
pkg of hard salami $5.80
3 count pkg of smoked ham lunch meat $8.99
3 count pkg of roasted turkey $9.89

Grand total was $85.19. Paid cash.

I was really needing chicken and have not really been seeing a whole lot of great deals out there lately so I broke down and bought the chicken there. Still a better price than some of the sales prices I see and at least I didn't need to worry about dividing it all up and freezing.

I just love Costco ...


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