Menu Plan - Week 22

Happy Monday to all yet again ... amazing how fast that day comes around!

Still trying to keep the grocery bill down for the month yet again, so going to try and improvise and use what we have on hand ... not to mention, Hurricane Season is here (yes, it is worthy of 'title' mode).

Sunday - Aussie Style Chicken with spicy green beans (recipe coming this week)

Monday - Wedge salad with homemade ranch dressing (recipe coming this week)

Tuesday - Bangin Shrimp

Wednesday - Hubby was wanting pepperoni pizza so I may make the dough Tuesday and cook it tonight, otherwise, we could do a date night

Thursday - Broccoli soup and garden salad

Friday - grilling of sorts I'm sure (probably chicken as it's what I have a lot of)

Saturday - letting Hubby choose and I'll bet along the lines of pasta!

Funny, I sat down on Sunday afternoon and just started writing out a list of dinner ideas and everything fell in place.  Some days it's easier than others!

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