Costco Trip

Well, it is the FIRST of the new month again, so time for that so-called monthly Costco trip. Not that I really PLAN for a monthly trip, but it appears to be the way the trips come about. No biggie, I did stick with my list, did NOT deviate from it and actually stayed under $200 ... ummm, I know, that leave me with about $100 for the month. Needless to say, I  MAY go over budget on food this month ... seems to be the story of my life lately!

Here's what I got:

Papertowel $17.99 less $2
24 pk water bottles $5.29 less $1.50 (Hurricane season is here so need to start stocking up)
5 lbs tomatoes $6.99
black forest ham $6.29
large bottle of Aleve (going back to using this for the arthritis) $12.99
turkey breast $12.99
3 dozen xlarge eggs $3.79 (price is down again)
large bag of natural, sliced almonds $7.99 (NOT on the list and I already have a bunch!)
olive oil $9.99
half and half $1.59
6 lbs indiv wrapped b/s chicken breast $16.99 (again, not on the list per se but not a bad deal)
food saver bag set $37.99 less $8
coppertone 4 pk $15.99 less $5 (was just about out and we NEED sunscreen. This was a good deal)
10 pk Brita filters $39.99 less $7
6 pk romaine lettuce $4.49

Total $184.19 on the debit card.

There were quite a few things I left off, potatoes, onions, sweet peppers, chicken thighs, etc. I had a running list on the back of my list as to where I was price wise, not to mention, some things just were NOT appealing to me.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that the Kirkland brand of sliced turkey breast (lunchmeat) has disappeared for a few months now? What's up with that??

Shopped at Costco lately? Have you noticed anything new or missing??


  1. We just made our monthly Costco trip yesterday! I thought they carried brown sugar, but I couldn't find it, and our local price of chicken breast went up to $3.59/lb. Fortunately, I had already picked up much of our Costco last month so our bill wasn't as high as expected!


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