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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What a great 3 day weekend

I got out of the office by 2pm. Was home by 3:30 after stopping at the store.

Made some chicken skewers ... which were delicious.

While eating dinner, I thought, odd, my throat is really sore. Hmmm, maybe I just scratched it on some food or something. But it hurt pretty bad.

The next morning, it REALLY hurt. And I had sniffles!

What? How can this possibly be??

I've had like 3 colds now in 3 months. Geesh. All while I'm trying to eat healthier and everything!

My only conclusion is the GYM. Yeah. The Gym. You know, medicine balls, kettle balls, weights, etc.? Yeah, we use sanitizer but seriously, I wonder just what's in them bottles??

So Saturday night, we had a few couples over for dinner (chicken stuffed with spinach and herby rice with a pie) and the sickness went out the window with a few shots of Patron and a squeeze of lime.

Sunday was the big bash for the Animals. After all, the majority of them were finished with school and will be heading off to college this fall! Yikes or Yahoo? Not sure which. A girlfriend came by to keep me sane. She wanted margaritas, I wanted to float in the pool. And eat the big chocolate cake one of the kids brought.

Monday was all about ME. Floating in the pool and blowing my nose. Oh yeah. It was so very nice. Hehehe...I don't think anyone would have stayed around had they stopped  by :)

I feel "better" today, but only with medicating ... and I hate medicating with cold medicine. Loopy heavy cotton brain stuff.

And I will go to the gym only because I NEED TO!

Maybe I should get me some gloves?  And more Dayquil. And maybe some NyceQuil. I know it's not spelled right. It's not suppose to be. That's what the stuff does to me!

Thankfully we have lots of food leftover to eat this week ... so menu planning will NOT be linked up yet again. But I am thinking of a soup, Asian chicken soup from ole Martha Stewart. If it's not too much effort to dig the recipe out of the file folder (misc. file I'm sure) ... I'll post it if I do it :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Uhhh, school is officially out for Sonny Boy which means the next big step is college. Wow.

But first, we have SUMMER!

I love Summer.

Kitty Kitty loves Summer too I think.

It stays lighter much later at night.

It gets lighter much earlier in the morning (yeah for me since I get up EARLY).

The pool is finally warm again. Ok, I know some of you think I'm nuts because I'm whining it's only 83. Ummm, that's cold by South Florida standards and NO ONE who lives here will go near it!

Boating weather is so much nicer (plus the ocean is warm as is Boca Lake).

Snowbirds and MOST tourist go back home. I have nothing against tourist, it's just nice to get our places back to ourselves :) We will still get the European and South American groups in but nothing like the winter!

And we just spend so much more time outside. Eating out on the patio, grilling, floating in pool, wave runner, boat, beach, yard stuff ... the list goes on forever!

I also think that we spend LESS money during the summer. Well, with the exception of gas for the boat and waverunner this year. But generally, because we are outside doing stuff, we don't NEED to buy as much stuff ... does that make sense? No fancy foody things as grilling hot dogs or brats after a day in the pool is just perfect.

Yeah, we have a few drawbacks to summer: mosquitoes, hurricanes, lightning, HEAT and such, but that is small stuff in the big picture :)

So how about it, you happy Summer is just about kicking in?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Skipping the gym

My back is still killing me ... I know it's just the muscle that was *over* worked out but still ... uggg.

So I'm doing some laundry (to scratch that off the list soon), dishes, AND I made Hubby a Cobb Salad, his very favorite:

Pretty easy to do, chop some lettuce (romaine), chop 2 eggs, chop some turkey lunchmeat, and then just put in neat rows on top of lettuce. I used olives (since he loves olives) and a little cheddar cheese since I don't have any blue cheese. NO AVOCADO either.

Normally I would have offered up my honey mustard dressing but haven't made any this week (it's on my list) so I offered the favorite stand by (which is delicious!)

So again, I've proved how much we love salads in this house ... and I feel like a GOOD wife in making dinner finally! :)

Dragging along

Hello! I'm still here ... alive and well.

Just been busy and all kinds of other things ...

1. Took the class at Gym on Monday. Kettle balls and medicine balls. Had to walk down stairs somewhat sideways and hold on to railing. Ummm, TODAY is the first day I can actually walk without my feet dragging or slapping. Lord have mercy. I need to definitely link up on the frugal exercise site and post it ... it was brutal.

2. Sonny Boy has his very last final today. Whew. I'm excited. I think he's a little depressed.

3. Kitty kitty managed to trap a bird in the pool skimmer. Could see the little thing hopping back and forth on the flapper thingy. Asked Hubby to please take lid off and stand back ... he did (used a crowbar to remove lid just in case birdy was borderline aggressive) and the bird hopped out and off chirping all the while. Kitty kitty was not at all happy for being trapped inside the house while this happened.

4. Had to let our new receptionist go at the office. Which means I'm back to the one who does everything. Oh well. I have a job. One that pays the bills and one that I actually like.

5. Menu Plan? No you didn't miss my weekly link up. I didn't post it. NOR have I been following my monthly plan either. We've been wingin it or just not eating (gasp) dinner. I know. Reality bites.

6. I had a moment last night when it dawned on me that the next time I'm driving back from Aldi's, I won't be able to call my MIL to tell her of my experience. She was my number one fan for Aldi's and we would compare prices and products ... it was how I spent my 30 minute drive home. It made me very sad.

7. Hubby and I made a quick trip to Costco on Tuesday instead of going to the gym (I could barely move, let alone WORK OUT) ... he wanted baby back ribs and since I'm not all that rib'by savvy, it was best he came along. Stuck to my list pretty well, and he only picked up a few other things NOT on the list (bratwurst) ...

8. 3 day weekend is approaching. Pool heater set to come on tomorrow. Still dont' understand how it's only 83 degrees when we've had mid to high 80 temps for over a month now. Friends for dinner Saturday night (couples) with spinach stuffed chicken and herb-y rice. Kids will have a big bash on Monday as a SCHOOLS OUT party (and ironically, Memorial Day too) with a few adults mixed in.

9. My to do list is rather large and has odd things such as "grind coffee", "clean west windows" and such. Along with the usual, laundry, floors, toilets, etc. Could really use the day off Friday too :)

10. Considering a no-spend month for June. But then I look at all the doom and gloom reports of the economy and think maybe June should be a STOCK UP month. Yikes. Talk about opposites.

There you have it .... dragging along :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mango Salsa


I went to Whole Foods on Sunday for a few things from the produce section.

Not because I wanted organic or anything like that but because I was pretty much across the street and it was just way more convenient.

Ummm. Convenience and frugal do NOT go hand in hand. I always forget how expensive that place is.


BUT. They had samples going on...lots and lots and LOTS of samples! Oh delicious!

And they sucked me in! I got the salsa, the ginger teriyaki sauce (thankfully I have tons of boneless skinless chicken thighs to make my own chicken skewers!), Russian coleslaw, oh my!

So here's what I plan on making soon ... the ingredient list is taken right off the TO DIE FOR package of mango salsa I bought for $6.99 (yes, that says SIX dollars and ninety-nine cents):

red onion
lemon juice
sea salt
black pepper

Now, keep in mind, every ingredient has "organic" in front of it, and it's "All Raw Vegan" ... which is probably how the price is justified for this 8 oz package.

But dang, IT'S GOOD!

So the mango trees are coming in around here ... guess what I'll be making?  Linking up with Jessica over at Ultimate Recipe Swap and the Picnic series ... wouldn't this be an awesome thing to take on a picnic???

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blackened Grouper Sandwiches

For those who live in Florida, you know that most "local" restaurants will offer this at some point on the menu and man, it is sooooo very good. I had purchased some fillets from Winn Dixie when they were buy one get free a while ago & I've got burger buns that need to be used so here we go!

4 grouper fillets
blackening season (I use Badia brand, cheaper, bigger bottle, just as good as that "Big Man" stuff)
Lemon (for the juice, or heck, you can use the bottled stuff, I won't tell)
Burger buns
Coleslaw (I just use the raw cabbage from a bag and toss with a little more thousand island dressing)

Thousand Island dressing
Pickle spears

Lay out the filets in a glass dish. Run your fingers over to be sure there are no bones (I have fish bone phobia, sorry). Squeeze the juice of one lemon over the fish. Sprinkle evenly with the blackened seasoning. A little makes it a flavor, alot gives it a kick, use your discretion. Flip the fishies and repeat.

Spray a grill pan with a heavy amount of no stick spray once pan is heated to medium high. Place fillet on pan & cook til cooked.

Lightly toast your buns.

Place cooked fillet on bun, top with a little coleslaw, thousand island dressing and a pickle spear on the side.
Serve and enjoy ... this is excellent with FRESH fish but seems that grouper have been difficult to catch (for us anyways) of late so we've had to settle for frozen.  This would work with ANY type of light fish, chicken, etc. Yummm!

Linking up with Life As Mom Ultimate Recipe Swap. This week's theme is all about FISH so hop on over!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

State of the Economy (and your own financial situation). Long. Opinionated. Rambling.

This post has been rambling around for a while. Tweaked, deleted, added to and then tweaked again. Because the LAST thing I want to do is cause issues and a verbal slaughter!

But seriously.

We've hit our debt ceiling.  Does anyone really know what that means?

It means that the credit card will not work at Walmart, Target, wherever you try to use it.

It means you have NO liquidity left.

I'm sure anyone reading this has had that gut sinking feeling when the cashier shakes her head at you indicating that it's a no go. Well, that's what America is going to be feeling soon.


I'm concerned. Enough so that I jokingly tell those around me that I feel like I should be stocking up on flour, sugar, water bottles, tuna, batteries, 100 watt light bulbs (I kid!), ammo and whiskey (tequila, vodka, beer) ... because really, what WILL happen to the economy?

Am I for the raising of taxes? I prefer not to because I feel I pay quite a bit as it is already. AND if those in the big house and surrounding areas can NOT figure out how to cut spending then I'm really against giving MORE money for them to continue to spend so carelessly.

I have a budget.

I know that at the end of the month, x y and z are due in this amount. And I also know that I MUST make sure this is paid for every stinkin month.

Why doesn't the government get that?

Tough times call for drastic measures. And I think it's time that they start analyzing just WHAT they can do.  Yes, I know it will add to the unemployment statistic (which is bogus anyways, if you are working a mere 10 hours a week, you are considered employed by their standards), but aides, staff and such need to be let go. That will reduce a HUGE overhead cost. I mean, heck, do the aides need aides who have aides to do stuff for them? I work by MYSELF 80% of the time and do it A. L. L. How about turning off some of them lights, turn down the heat, consolidate your trips (ummm, that big helicopter to the BIG jet?). Entertaining? Perhaps reduce that too. I know it's the white house and the president, and no disrespect, but for crying out loud, if the American people are suffering, they really don't want to see you kicking back with a bunch of 'friends' drinking beer, hosting a big eat out (with who knows how much food was wasted because it wasnt' consumed and I somehow don't see the white house serving leftovers every Thursday) watching the basketball game dude! At that point they are NOT feeling jealous but rather anger at the inconsideration.

Ok. So. now that I got THAT out of the way, let me share with you my own personal stuff:

Hubby's company is again being pursued for takeover. AGAIN. Not such a bad thing in my opinion but most likely would result with him being let go (can only have x amount of directors, you know?).  My own thoughts are that he could definitely find something else to do, even if its FINALLY doing something on his own. I would support him 100% percent. Of course, the usual drawback is the medical benefits and such.

My company is fighting for leverage this month. No, we are not closing our doors or anything like that. Its just been a painfully slow month business wise. We don't make money IF we dont' do any closings. 2 are on the books so far. TWO. I'm thankful it was slow to start as I was gone on vacation and then attending the funeral, but NOW I'm ready to get back to work! As you know, I work in real estate law. AND while the market is showing SOME life its actually depressing the market as the bank owned properties are selling WAY below what the revenue tax base says they are worth. This will cause more tax adjustments for property taxes and it's NOT going to be pretty. It's one thing to buy a home at a great deal, below market value and another for whole neighborhoods to be bought and sold this way. Brings down the WHOLE value.

Summer is here. Sonny Boy finishes school on Wednesday the 25th (sob). At that point, I will pack him a sack lunch and tell him to go to work and not come home until 5pm. Go find a job that pays for all this extra stuff he expects. I kid, I think, maybe not. It's a thought. I wonder if it will work? He will (hopefully) head mid state for college in late July (sob). This all depends on what kind of financial aid comes through. Florida has cut back drastically on the amount offered through the Bright Futures program, not sure about the rest of the awards that are out there yet.

Princess is plugging away working but I don't really anticipate her leaving the house anytime soon. Not so bad IF she would remember to turn everything off when she leaves, such as ceiling fan, take ac off 74 degree hold so it can go back to 78, etc. She will be going back to school in August which is no big deal since she goes local but of course, books and such will need to be paid for (thanks SWAGBUCKS for the Amazon giftcard offers!).

I have 2 kitties that need to visit the vet soon for a checkup and shots. As they go in and out at will, they need to be kept up to date. Flea medicine will need to be started soon too as summer is the worse and I hate the thought of fleas biting them!

Hurricane season is just around the corner. That means the typical hurricane supply stuff needs to be inventoried and restocked. Not so bad this year I don't think as we've gotten off for a few years. Wet wipes, foil pans, foil, paper products etc will need to be replenished. Candles too I think as I started to use them up finally. Which reminds me that Hubby needs to fire up the generator and be sure thats all in order! I wanted to look at some of these water filter things (Berkley, etc.) to use in addition to my puny annoying Brita ...

My pantries and freezers are bulging again. I don't know HOW that happens and I suppose I should be thankful. I need to attempt to make a serious effort to eat out of the freezers again ... seriously :)

Our gardening season is pretty much over do the strong sun and heat. I ripped out the remainder of my tomato plant (green tomatoes and all). Some of this is because we have MEDFLY issues lately too ... not in my neighborhood, but how do I now for sure? The jalapeno plant is thriving again. Glad I've not ripped it out yet. I need to get my herbs back on track too. Lettuce? Not sure if I can get it to grow now as it's HOT and they don't like it that hot.

Time to put myself back in the seat where every dollar spent is seriously evaluated.

Time to Buckle Up folks. We are in for a rough ride.

Gel Nail Polish

There's this manicure out there that you can get in which your nails are painted with a gel nail polish. 3 coats with each coat being "cured" using UV lights.

A few weeks back (before the Vegas trip) I went ahead and had it done. I'm confused if there is a fake nail you can do too ... but I only did the polish. My nails were short, broken, and polish just never lasts very long.

So I said yes. $25. Not as expensive as other things.

OMG. They were dry as soon as she patted my hand to signal we were done. Seriously.

Reach in purse and take out keys, money, etc. NO SMUDGE! I almost never ever make it home without doing at least one nail :)

2 weeks and a day later, I can see the growth and that point of the nail is really rough ... and irritating me to no I start to pick at the polish. Contrary to what I was told, I peeled all the polish off ... and I don't believe I have any damage to my nails ... SWEET!

I guess in order to remove the polish, you are suppose to have it soaked off ... which means another trip to the salon and more $.

Would I do it again? Heck yeah!  But I think this time I'd do it in clear instead of red. Amazing how fast your nails really do grow when you can see the polish difference. No chipping or smudging AND they stayed shiny. Plus the nails are still strong, and I'm hard on them ... dishes, laundry, cleaning in general, typing, etc.

*I did read somewhere that you should give your nails a break in between so I probably won't go and do it again for another week or so ...

Linking up with We Are That Family Works For Me Wednesday (say that 5 times real fast!) ... this definitely Works For Me! PS - this week she shows how she did cake pops for her 9 year olds birthday ...

Monday, May 16, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - May 16 to 21

It's another Monday and that means time to link up with Organizing Junkie and her Menu Plan Monday party!  Geesh, it's 1pm already and I'm like #210!

Hubby finally came home last night ... we were in the driveway at midnight. Yeah, I'm up already ... and tired as all get out. So glad I decided to lay low this weekend instead of going with the girlfriends otherwise it would be much worse.  Hubby said that he still has NOT had a chance to deal with the reality of all this ... he was busy getting everyone organized because that's what he does ...

We both agreed that we need to get back to the gym routine AND to start eating healthier. One too many casseroles up there in Indiana :)

Princess leaves for her cruise on Monday and returns on Friday and Sonny Boy only has this week and next for school ... but a lot of catching up from the missed week last week.

Sunday - fend for yourself, leftovers

Monday - Chopped salad ... anyway you like it (I've got grilled chicken, turkey, cheese, hard boiled eggs, you name it, to top it all off with)

Tuesday - Cesar Pasta Chicken Salad

Wednesday - Crockpot Broccoli Beef

Thursday - Frozen Chicken dinner stuff (birdseye, looking for a quick meal!)

Friday - Hot dogs (chili cheese or Chicago style, not sure)

Saturday - Would like to say I'm leaving it up to Hubby but probably not, so chicken on the grill is the most likely choice...possibly the spinach stuffed type :) OR the baked steak

As I'm hoping that Hubby will want to start working on the boat and getting it ready to put back in the water, I will get the sandwich bar ready to put out for Saturday and Sunday lunches.

Check out the Monday Menu Plan ... 100's of others are linking up ... tons of ideas to be had!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crispy Not Fried Chicken

Another one from the May 2011 Women's Day issue ...

4 cups rice cereal
3/4 grated Parmesan cheese
2 tbs oil
1 tbs paprika
1 tsp ground cumin
salt and pepper
1 cup plain yogurt, low fat
8 b/s chicken breast about 6 oz each (and seriously? I'm using my chicken strips that I picked up a month or so ago!)

Heat oven to 350. Line a rimmed baking tray with parchment or foil.

In shallow bowl (pie plate!), combine cereal, Parmesan, paprika, oil, cumin, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. 

Brush both sides of chicken with yogurt (or can I just slap each side down?) and coat with cereal mix, press gently to make adhere. Place on baking tray and bake til golden brown and cooked, 25 to 30 minutes.

The magazine recommends serving with sauteed spinach, but of course, mine will probably have french fries along side :)

Linking up with Tasty Tuesday (this weeks' theme for Jen is vacation food!) ... hop on over!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beef - It's Whats For Dinner!

Well, sometime this week ... since I seem to have everything to make this, I may just put it on the menu for the week since the beginning of May has been a wash ...

I'm really funny about meat baked in the oven. Something about it just really makes me say YUCK, for the most part UNLESS it's swimming in a sauce of sorts.

So with all the air time I've had lately, I've really had a chance to read my magazines from front to back which is rather unusual for me :) 

This one comes from Woman's Day, May 2011 issue ...

8 oz thin sliced shrooms (I'm using canned)
2 stalks sliced celery
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 small red onion, sliced thin
2 tbs oil
salt & pepper
2 lb sirloin steak, about 2 inches or so thick
2 garlic cloves, minced, or finely chopped
1 cup ketchup
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

Heat oven to 400 degrees. In roasting pan, combine shrooms, celery, onions, lemon, oil and 1/4 tsp of salt & 1/4 tsp pepper.

Season steak with 1/2 tsp pepper & salt (each) and rub with garlic and place on top of veggies.

In small bowl, whisk ketchup, lemon juice and worcestershire sauce. Spoon over the top of steak and roast 30 to 35 minutes for medium rare (125 degrees). Transfer to cutting board, allow to rest 5 minutes before slicing. Serve with baked taters or other side veggie of choice...

*I'm seriously considering adding sliced peppers and then making some of the Japanese steak sauce and serving with rice ... they call it yum yum sauce for a reason!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Costco Trip

Remember, last week I did a big Costco trip when we got back from Vegas? On Mother's Day. Yes, I did.

Multigrain crackers $6.59
Annie Fruit Snacks $9.79 (which Princess hates)
12 pk individual serving pizzas $9.89 less $3 (x2)
V8 (48 pk?) x 2 $19.99 each less $5 each (Hubby loves his V8 so I made an effort to get the low sodium!)
36 ct pudding $7.49
18 pk easy mac cheese $6.29
4 pk lysol wipes $11.99 less $2.75
18 pk Orbit gum $8.99
3 pk lysol toilet cleaner $6.99 less $2.75
12 pk coconut water $19.79 ... ehhh...I may take this back
jelly belly jelly beans $15.99
2 pk listerine $9.19 less $2.50
1000 colored plastic cups (not really 1000 but alot) $7.99
lays baked chips 30 ct $10.89 less $2.25
2 lb strawberries $5.49
6 pk romaine $4.29
5 lbs tomatoes $5.99
3 pk english cukes $3.79
42 oz Citracel (extra fiber needed in our diet I believe) $21.19 less $3.50
10 lb chicken breast $21.39
50 ct Claritin reditab (which I forgot for Indiana) $24.99 less  $6
12 pk angus cheeseburgers $12.79 less 4 (x2)
razors $24.99
garlic cesar dressing $5.99
potstickers $10.69 less $2.50
Starbucks coffee beans $19.99 less $4.50
crumbled bacon bits $9.99
2 pkgs honey roasted turkey breast $7.90 and $7.70
grey poupon $6.69
lemons $6.79
bananas $1.47 (they were delicious and long gone before we left on Tuesday thankfully!)
JIF Peanut Butter $8.39 less $2
Uncle Ben 7 grain rice $9.99 less $3 (I think this was a pretty good deal) x 2
Beef Dinner Franks $10.99
Cooked bacon $11.79
toothpaste (5 or 6 pk?) $12.99 less $4

grand total? $405.58 with tax. Paid half with cash and other half with debit.

The bad thing is that Hubby left that evening suddenly and the rest of us left on Tuesday morning. The lettuce and all are holding up so far I believe...

Notice, no milk. No cream. No half and half? The price has really gotten much higher there to the point where its not worth it for me to take a chance that we won't drink all of it before it goes south so I'm just going to make that the grocery store stop weekly.

I'm hoping to NOT have to do much shopping the rest of the month. After the trip to Vegas and then the unexpected round trip for 4 of us (ummm, cost MORE just for the flights than my whole entire trip with food & gambling included to Vegas) I need to be a little more conservative :)

I'm Back

Its been a very dramatic week.

Me and the kids finally got home at about 6pm. When we pulled in the drive, I told them both “7pm we leave for Mexican, get your bags unpacked and get showered. One hour”.

So of course, that’s my intentions. Until I walk in and take about 5 steps through the living room and stop. Fast. Causing Sonny Boy to run into me and yell at me for stopping suddenly, yet again.
Um. Crap. Feathers. Lots of feathers. Are you freakin kidding me??
Sonny Boy! Yeah you kid. Go see where the bird is over there.
Because I’m thinking crap, the thing was able to still flap its wings out of kitty’s reach and flew into one of the bedrooms! YIKES!
Nope. There it was, this pretty yellow and green bird, next to the empty food and water bowls. L
Crumb. FEATHERS WERE EVERYWHERE. Geez oh petes. And a bunch of other sayings not fit to publish.
So yeah. The kids unpacked their bags. HALF of their dirty clothes made it to the laundry room. Both got showers.
Me? I cleaned. And picked up a pretty dead bird.
Can’t wait for Hubby to come back home.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Vanilla Iced Coffee Milk

I've never really done the South Beach Diet (surprise!) but love to read the cookbooks, for the pictures if nothing else! No really, I can just about curl up with any cookbook and get the inspiration to try something new instantly!

I love my coffee, HOT, in the morning. But I almost always have a cup or so left in the pot every day, even with Sonny Boy taking some for his first block at school. So when I saw this, I thought, ah ha!

*Suitable for Phase 1 if you are doing the program.

3 cups of strongly brewed decaf coffee, chilled. Ok, honestly, I wouldn't DREAM of using decaf.
1 cup fat free (or 1% milk) milk
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp granular sugar substitute (splenda, or whatever)
1/2 cup fat free or light whipped topping
pinch ground cinnamon

In a pitcher, combine coffee, milk, vanilla and sugar substitute, stir well. Fill 4 large glasses with ice. Pour coffee mix over ice. Spoon 2 tbs whipped topping on top of each. Stir gently so some mixes in with coffee and some stays on top. Garnish with a pinch of cinnamon.

Menu Plan for May 8th to May 14th

Remember I did the whole month of May in one sweep? Also, remember, I said things are allowed to change, drop, rotate, repeat, etc? Yeah, this week is the allowable week ...

I had a bunch of yummy looking things on here, such as pasta with my homemade sauce, chicken rolly polly thingys and so on ... but then, we got the news about my Hubby's funny, sweet mom and things just literally hit the floor.

So, with him being gone, the kids and I in shock and grief, the fact that at some point this week we will most likely fly up North for a day or two to attend the funeral/memorial, Lord only knows what we will be eating and when.

I've got 2 bags of chicken marinating in the fridge that was to have been dinner for Sunday and lunches for the remainder of the week ... need to cook them and freeze them before I leave...

The kids must still eat .... even if I don't feel like it, and I really need to keep it simple so not a lot of planning needs to be made ahead of time (defrosting of meat, etc) and to keep leftovers at a minimum...

Sunday - since it was a last minute rush to the airport to drop off Hubby, we stuck with nachos and pizza
Monday (woke up late and it's an AP testing day for Sonny Boy, not a good way to start the week off) ... chicken tacos and more nachos.
Tuesday - burgers and onion rings
Wednesday - it's Survivor night ... will probably not watch it (that would be 3 weeks I've missed it) spaghetti with chicken in a Parmesan like environment
Thursday - hot dogs
Friday - Sonny Boy's prom ... I really hope he still gets to go to it ... seriously.
Saturday - chicken and rice

Princess is to leave on a cruise on Monday the 15th ... I am so hoping that we hold off another week or so for the memorial and such. Self centered and inconsiderate? I certainly hope that's not how it comes across ... but PROM is such a big deal for high school Seniors and the cruise, well, it's not such a big deal to some, but for Princess, it is.

I hate grief. It's such a wide ranging emotion.

Link on up with Organizing Junkie for the Menu Plan Monday series ... lots of others do and it's always good for ideas!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching Up, Happy Mother's Day and other news

I'm back from my trip to Vegas.

It was great and I can't wait to do it again.

Happy Mother's Day also.

My Mother In Law called me this afternoon at 1pm. I was on my way to Costco. She was calling to say Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day and just all around how was the trip as she loves the place.

We chatted for about 30 minutes, and then I told her that I needed to go in the store and know that the reception was sketchy in there and I would call her back this evening. She was all excited about the chance to get out on the patio and sit in the sun for awhile since her big foot surgery 4 1/2 weeks ago.

4:30 my Hubby gets a call from his brother, but Hubby says he will call him back and does not answer it.

6pm Hubby calls his brother back after listening to the voice mail message that said Mom was on her way to the hospital via ambulance (they live in the boonies so this is odd).

6:20pm, brother calls back and says that she has passed.

How can that be??

7:10 I am dropping Hubby off at the airport.

Audrey, you really were a GREAT trooper and did things above and beyond what any of us ever expected or wanted but she always felt it was best to do more than you think you need.

I am still sitting here asking myself why she called me when she did.

I am still in shock.

My Hubby is so very unemotional at the moment. Shock? YES. We haven't even been back home 24 hours yet and he is heading north to be with his family and attempt to help his dad and brother deal with this. Me and the kids will head up when we know what the arrangements are going to be.

Rest in Peace dear Audrey. We love you and will miss you so very much.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Menu Plan - The Whole Month of May

It's May already, can you believe it? My Boy, Sonny Boy, he will graduate in a month. Then what do I do?? As a Mom, that is ... oh dear ...

We (me and Hubby) leave for Vegas in 2 days. Woopee! I am so stinkin excited it's not even funny any more!

And because I'm starting the month off with a trip, the fact that the Boy is graduating high school, the fact that Princess has her last college final of the year today, AND my freezers are still pretty darn stuffed, I've decided to be ambitious myself and plan the whole month out.

Not to mention that yeah, we'd like to continue with the gym and sort of healthier eating when we get back from our trip ...

You know the rules, right? If it's not made the day it's suppose to be, that's quite ok, swapping IS allowed :) ... so here's what I'd LIKE to be making:

Sunday: May 1st - chili cheese dogs
Monday - baked ziti
Tuesday - pizza
Wednesday - VEGAS BABY (kids are on their own, probably 49 cent burgers from McD's)
Thursday - VEGAS BABY (kids on own, probably celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Tijiana Flats) PLUS - it's my Birthday!
Friday - VEGAS BABY (kids, again on own, I believe they were looking for a small party to be had, probably pizza for them)
Saturday - arrive back from VEGAS but late at night ... probably SKIP dinner (kids? They need to fend for themselves this last day)

Sunday: May 8th - Home Sweet Home and Mother's Day, Pasta with homemade sauce (from freezer) and garlic bread (yes, I will probably make my OWN dinner)
Monday - chicken tacos and chips and salsa (made with ground chicken instead of beef for a healthier option!)
Tuesday - chicken Cesar salad
Wednesday - rolly polly chicken and spinach (new recipe but looks yummy) WW Friendly
Thursday - Mac n Cheese cups (another new recipe but heck, I'm being adventurous) WW Friendly
Friday - Chicken, some kind of chicken!
Saturday - Bacon Bleu Cheeseburgers!

Sunday: May 15th - chicken piccata (new recipe but looks the same almost as my own) serving with pasta and broccoli
Monday (Princess heads off on her cruise) - Busting out the Starkist frozen fish filet to try ... lemon and herb and will make some rice on the side
Tuesday - Quesdilla wrap pannins (ok, so I just heard this on TV, will have to whip it together!) with black bean soup
Wednesday - Chicken Marsala (new recipe but looks very similar to mine)
Thursday - Broccoli Beef (crockpot)
Friday - Pizza, homemade
Saturday - Hubby's choice, possibly sausage and peppers?

Sunday: May 22 - family night and looking at burgers and brats
Monday - French onion soup with pressed roast beef sandwiches
Tuesday - Chicken Cesar salad
Wednesday - Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwiches (new but looks delicious!)
Thursday - Hawaiian Chicken (crockpot) ... no so sure if this is really going to fit in the household meal plan :)

Start of Memorial Day Weekend which means a feast all weekend long!
Friday - Start making: pasta salad (with Shrimp?), burgers, hot dogs,
Saturday - chicken wings, chicken breast in Cesar dressing,
Sunday: May 29th - RIBS, pie
Monday - Continue the cooking!

Tuesday - L. E. F. T. O. V. E. R. S.

Here's hoping that every one has a very Merry May! and happy June to all!

Linking up to the most awesome menu site there is ... Menu Plan Monday with Organizing Junkie!