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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Army National Guard

So my princess is really shipping out to boot camp on Tuesday. Well, maybe Thursday. To Fort Jackson, SC. Or maybe to Fort Leanord Wood, MO. See, she signed up back in January, 2009. Been going to her monthly drills in West Palm Beach. Had enlisted for intelligence. Had to do the language test (and darn, if she was here she could tell me EXACTLY what its called) passed, but not as good of a final score to put her in the top of the list of people who would like to be in this field. So then she had to pick her 2nd choice, which she did. She does her drill 2 weeks ago. Finds out that SURPRISE ... they never changed her job class so she's back in intelligence. BUT her ship date was for her 2nd choice and she was to be going to Fort Jackson, SC. Now she has no idea WHERE she's going and for what day for sure. Ugggg. We will find out Monday when she goes to MEPS in Miami on Monday morning to sign in. Then she spends the next 24 hours in a hotel til they call her to get on a plane to where ever she is to go. I'm excited for her. Apprehensive. Nervous. Tired. A little crabby (no one can tell me for CERTAIN just what she can take with her). And broke. Financially. This has cost a pretty penny to get her out ... of course, if I could get something IN WRITING telling me what her pack list should be .... oh well. My MIL was saying back when she was a kid, her dad was in the army (died while on duty), they had a flag that was given to them by the military and hung in the window to show that they were a military family. She's asking about that. I have no idea if they still do that? Anyone out there know?? Let me know!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Is that the swine flu or just the new meds?

So I went to the doctor last week (I know some of my friends thought for sure I would cancel the appointment!) … didn’t eat breakfast or have any coffee, in hopes that if a blood test was needed, we could do it then and there. All for nothing. Uggg. I started to talk to the doctor. And burst in to tears. Oh my God. How humiliating! I was blubbering, where I could not even talk. Anyways. Lexapro. I’ve been given a 2 week sample and go back in 2 weeks. So, I take my first dose that evening. I wake up the next morning at 6:45am with the world’s worse headache. You know. The one that makes you feel like you want to throw up, but you can’t?? Uggg. Take a shower. Lay back down with towel around head & body. Fall asleep. Wake up at 8:15. 8:15!!!??? I have to be at work, like in 45 minutes! Crap! Somehow, I pull it together & get to work. What an uneventful day as far as I can tell. So then Friday I’m still feeling icky. Tired. A little edgy. But yet complacent. I don’t know how to explain it. Oh. And freezing cold. Saturday, I slept til 11am. Folks, I can’t remember the last time I slept that late. Not since my high school days I’m sure. I live for the early morning to get stuff done and out of the way. Wow. Then really, just sat in the chair and couch all day. Tried to read but kept dozing off. Hubby didn’t get up til 3pm. We are not lazy by nature, trust me! I was freezing cold all day long. Wrapped in a blanket for the majority of they day. Snacked on some crackers and popcorn. Finally at 9pm , hubby and sonny boy convinced me to get up and go to eat a burger at Oceans Grill down the street. We get back by 10. I sit on couch, grab my blanket and fall asleep. At 1:30am, I wake up, drenched in sweat. I guess I had a fever and just didn’t realize it since I was so wiped out. So much for thinking the medication was not agreeing with me! Hubby was still sick on Sunday. I felt better. Did laundry. Menu planned. Made some spaghetti & chicken. Soup for hubby. Left the house at 8:30 this morning. Hubby still in bed. He said he was going to work but I told him he should not go and get anyone else sick in the office. I don’t know if he went or not. Now I just hope that Princess didn’t catch it in all her visits the past few days. She ships out on the 4th of August and said that if she’s sick, they won’t let her go … uggg. Oh, and as far as the Lexapro. May not be a good gauge this past weekend as we were sick, but I managed to keep my cool, didn't get worked up about anything and didn't even shed any tears during the goodbye to princess (moved her stuff to Orlando on Sunday).

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Publix has some great gift card offers going on right now. One is buy a $50 gas card for $40 … they had to extend it til the 22nd of July as they ran out. Hubby & I have both agreed to buy and keep for Sonny Boy when he starts driving to school (I hope SOON). Since the weather looked questionable, I stopped at the one downtown that has the parking garage (how sweet is that???) I have to buy 4 specific Kraft items. And spend $50 after coupons. Whew. This was going to be difficult. So I gather all my coupons, do some quick math in my head. Total comes to $78.xx. Woohoo. Cashier separates the coupons, and I notice that it’s the IP (and my catalina for $10 off from WD) from the glossy ones. Hmm. Think nothing. She starts scanning & telling me, “you only bought 1 of these” so I have to go and get the TWO items out of the bags (why do I have to go through this every time?) Finally get through the glossy coupons and then she calls the manager over … hands the managers the IP & WD and shrugs. Manager tells her to take the WD one off but then tells me that they are no longer accepting the computer printed coupons. I asked why (stayed calm), and told the cashier to not use the WD coupon, to cancel the order & give me all the other coupons back as I know my store by home will take them all. Manager tells her to store the order and tells me that if I want to come with her, she can show me the fraudulent coupons that they have been alerted to from corporate. Specifically says that they are A1 Steak sauce and Crystal Light AND Kraft BBQ sauce. Huh. So I go with her (after I grab all my coupons back from the cashier) … and we stand side by side off the customer service counter looking at the computer … guess what? NONE OF MINE WERE ON THERE! She went ahead and took them. Which I greatly appreciated. Put my total at $33 or so. Told her to get me a Publix $25 gift card on there since I needed to hit my $50 total for the rebate. Didn’t have any idea, so told her about it. You know what really made me upset? The fact that they were the KRAFT coupons specifically geared for PUBLIX!! Anyways. Here are some of the ones I remember (ironically, all high dollar or FREE items) Crystal Water Huggies (said it’s an email but fraudulent) Velvetta cheese buy one get one free Coke $1 off 12 pack (we know about this one – I even told her I used 2 before I found out, offered to pay it) And a few others that I can’t remember (was just thankful MINE were not on there). So just a heads up folks! Oh … had to go back this morning on my way to work to drop off the credit card signature receipt as it all came back to me (was probably trying to push me out of the store at that point) … the gal I gave it to was extremely happy that I brought it back … wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t taken it back?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Doctors - a long post

I write this post while dabbing my eyes. Then I let it sit in the background for a few hours before posting. I wanted to cut out some areas. You know. Highlight. Delete. BUT I’ve decided to just leave it. Sometimes I ask myself if I’m slowly losing my mind. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I am giving up bits and pieces of control (think PRINCESS) and therefore feel like I don’t have complete control over the unknown ... Read on … This week (and it’s ONLY Tuesday), two paralegals that I’ve worked with on several real estate deals have passed on. Suddenly. Both on clear blue days. Where everything was beautiful. Everything was just fine. What a shock. To me. And to everyone who’s ever had the pleasure of working with them. Their bosses, who are attorneys. Generally, most people have the wrong impression that attorneys are cold hearted. Not so with the majority I deal with. One was sobbing as he told me over the phone. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for the families. All this after my not so kind conversation with my husband on Friday evening. To the point where I just got snotty (ok really, shitty) and just stomped off to bed all pissed off. I have made an appointment to go see the doctor. Just the general health one. Blood work, etc. I suppose it’s considered bad, in the way that my theory is if I feel fine, why do I need to go in and see the doctor? Chances are, they will TRY to find something wrong as that’s what they are for, right? I guess maybe I don’t think like the other 95% of the population. Hubby has been on me for a while to get in for a checkup. Just to be sure. So I made the appointment. This morning. She was trying to book me for the last day of the month (like 2 ½ weeks away or so) and I asked if she had something sooner, as I know that I would most likely cancel the appointment as I’m sure it’s not going to be convenient. We settle on next Wednesday at 9:15am. Yippee. I’m so thrilled. Here I am, at work. Weepy. And thinking. Thinking. Not a good thing, you know? Do I tell the doctor about how I feel? I mean, really FEEL? Do I tell her about the feelings of fear? Danger? I mean FEAR folks. AND DANGER. Real fear. And I can not for the life of me remember what show its’ from but “Danger! Danger! Danger!” It’s like my motto. A joke among my friends, but not really. Fear. Not so much to paralyze me, but enough to make me squeeze my eyes shut for a minute to refocus. Here’s an example (which is probably not a good one, but regardless), Hubby is getting off the boat. The boat sits pretty damn high on the lift. You kind of have to do a little jump to get ON the dock. Not like we both haven’t been doing this for the past 20 years or so … but still. When I see him getting ready to do it, I have to turn my back OR squeeze my eyes shut because I’m AFRAID that he’s going to miss and fall in the water. Or worse, fall and hit his head. Or what if he falls on his left arm/hand and shatters it again?? Or…or…or … well, there you have it. Driving? Forget it. I have to just keep to myself. I am petrified that someone is going to NOT stop at the stop sign. OR they won’t stop before they get in my lane. Which makes me a very very cautious driver. Not a bad thing, but I can really see this being a problem down the road. OR … yeah, more than 2 examples. The cat. The damn cat. He jumps on my bed to the big dresser to the high window. Between the wall and headboard beneath the big window is a gap of oh, 8 inches or so, then the bed frame pushes up against the wall about 2 feet from the floor. So we have about 4 feet or so of the gap. I am AFRAID the cat is going to slip, mis-step, be stupid, whatever, and fall into that gap. HOW am I going to move a 400 lb bed away from the wall if that happens?? How? Danger. It’s all around me. Daily. Of course, everyone around me thinks I’m overreacting and just ignore it or downplay it all. Which of course, makes me freak out even more J So does anyone out there have any self diagnosis to offer up? Uggg. See why I do not want to go to the doctor?? Is she going to think I’m nuts?? Or is it anxiety? Or is it like I said in the beginning, my fear of losing control? What? I'm a little curious now how this will all work out in the end. Could it just be stress? Unhappiness? Anxiety (again)? Pre-menopause crap? Oh god, I really hope its not the last thing. That means we are all DOOMED (really)!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, here we go again. Check out the organizing junkie for lots (and lots) more ideas .... Last week didn't go according to schedule, don't ask me why so a few things are on here again, primarily the Island Pork Sunday - Island Pork salad Monday - Cubano wraps and black bean soup (making it in the bullet, can of black beans, chix broth, onions, a little diced jalapeno, mix up in bullet to soup consistency and then microwave to heat, top with cheese & sour cream) Tuesday - grilled chicken and veggies Wednesday - Shrimp kabobs Thursday - soup & pasta salad Friday - homemade pizza - I think I'll make one a chicken alfredo (or turkey) pizza Saturday - most likely boating which means its really up to hubby what's for dinner. The week does not look all that exciting, sorry about that (to readers & family!) ... I am just not feeling all that motivated at the moment!


and The Magic Bullet. Holy Crap! I can't believe I bought one of them. Costco has them for $49.95. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Like I really need another kitchen gadget.

Sonny boy came along with me, in hopes of being the driver, but sorry kid, no way.

He had a chip on his shoulder 80% of the trip through the store. The bullet got in the cart within seconds. He, of course, made the remark "like we really need that". Then at check out, I was thinking and going back and forth, and he's like "hey, you can make salsa. Shakes. Protein smoothies" and so on. Ok, off it goes, down the conveyor belt. $394 later.

Asked the girl if she wanted to just tap on another $6 to round it off. She looked at me kind of odd. Guess she didn't have a sense of humor?

So, what did we buy?

English Cukes.
Rather tasty all natural turkey breast lunchmeat (this stuff is to die for, stashed it so hubby doesn't eat eat all in one sitting), pork tenderloins, dinner franks, bacon, fake (turkey) bacon, cottage cheese, tortolinni, 6 lb frozen strawberries, b/s chix breast, b/s chix tenders, canned tuna, canned turkey, whole grain wraps, whole grain english muffins, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, pudding, gallons size ziplocs, jelly belly beans, bath soap, tylenol, honey buns, 90 day acne treatment, tp, eggs, bottled water, and oh I know there is some other stuff but can't for the life of me remember.

Oh, garlic. Did I say the magic bullet?

So there's this website/blog out there that she shops at costco. That's the bulk of her shopping. and I really just can NOT grasp how she does it. I mean, I LOVE Costco, but really, I don't think it should be your main source of shopping. Maybe I have the wrong approach? I just blew my month (and then some) budget with this trip. Ok, so figure, $80 of it was stuff that was non food. $50 bullet. $25 acne stuff. $12 tylenol. And a few other things ($15 for jellybelly stuff, OMG. But it really is worth it. Did you know it's fat free and ONE serving is 45 (Forty FIVE) pieces?????) So now I need to lay low on shopping for the next 2 weeks. And try to stick with my menu plan, which is coming up next! OH - did you notice, NO PAPERTOWEL?? Uggg.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A new site that makes me excited

I heart Man how I wish I had found this a few weeks ago!!!! It's GREAT. She puts up the ad well in advance and then matches up coupon deals, along with the best deals, as she sees them. Woohoo! This is now on my daily to visit list! Go check it out!


Sonny boy goes back to school in 6 1/2 weeks. As a Junior. Oh my. He is down to his last driving lesson on Sunday which is basically a replica of the driving test at the parking lot where he will take it. He has the website to book his license appointment in the background, waiting for someone to commit to taking him. Princess plans on moving to Orlando in 2 weeks. Ironically, she also ships out to South Carolina in 3 weeks for 10 weeks total. Then off she goes to her individual training, or whatever it's called for another 10 weeks, coming back sometime in January, I believe. A) why pay rent for 6 months if you aren't there & haven't been there? b) Why do I not know much about this whole thing of graduation, individual training (like, where are you going????) AND what are you going to do now that you have dropped your cell phone in a bucket of water??? The thing with Princess continues, stay tuned! The swine flu statements made today freaked me out a wee bit. Hubby has asthma. Soon to be 50. I probably cross the path of at least 50 people a day. Put the kid in high school and it's at least 1500 a day. Ugg. Scary thoughts. When the governement makes a statement to be 'prepared' that freaks me out. Unemployement levels could hit 11%. I know that my company does NOT have the money pay me next week. Not to mean I won't get paid. But we haven't made any money this month as of yet. The attorney's have, but not the company itself. I am on my last roll of papertowel. I have 2 rolls of TP left. I need to cave and do a costco trip (and wipe out the swine flu stuff so I don't go crazy on stockpiling). I picked up New England coffee today for $2.99 a bag. Winn Dixie, as much as I hate that store, has it on sale for $3.99 and I have a $1.00 off coupon. A few coupons actually, so I may need to stop daily and buy 2 bags. Why not all in one stop? Because, a) I hate winn dixie and always use their self checkout and b) if you use more than 2 coupons, the register locks up, announces "assistance is on the way" and then you wait for 5 minutes for someone to FINALLY notice that hello, there is someone waiting to check out and get out of the freakin store. Sorry. I just really dislike the stores, all of them. The cat is out of food. Had enough to feed him dinner. That's it. Now must go to the store tomorrow. Had stopped at Publix (refuse to buy at winn dixie, had bugs 3 times in the dog food, so they are off the pet food list) and there were some very dark, omnious clouds coming in. Knew I would be caught inside store which of course, would prompt me to shop more without my coupons. Ugg!! It's Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday! For those who work Monday through Friday, woohoo. All others, I know, it's pretty much just another day!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

If you haven't checked out organizing junkie yet, you should. You will get some great ideas & tips on menus and eliminating clutter ... woohoo! So here's my menu plan for Sunday 7/5 to Saturday 7/11 Sunday - leftover burgers, dogs, ribs, pasta salads, dips and such from Saturdays bbq Monday - Crab Salad over greens Tuesday - Tacos (salad) Wednesday - looking at Tilapia as that's what I have in the freezer, but not so sure yet Thursday - Lemon pepper chicken kabobs Friday - Pork Tenderloin, quite possibly Island Pork Saturday - I am leaving this open. If we go boating (again) most likely will order out or just grill later in the day on the boat. So what are you all planning for the week?

Family fun

We've spent 3 of the past 4 weekends out on the boat. Sonny Boy has participated in 2 of those times, which make hubby and me very happy. Princess, well, she's still doing her thing. Enough said.
So, here we have Sonny Boy ... and his dad. They are getting ready to come in the inlet and look to be intensley reading the water ahead.

I even have a few pictures of Sonny boy laughing & smiling at me ... but I'm sure it has nothing to do with me or his dad, but rather the twins that you can see in the upper right hand corner ...

Update on the Veggie/Fruit Challenge

So in my quest to expand my veggie options, I am still trying new things and such. I had those lonely single zucchini and squash things. Poor things. I had them in my nifty little hefty green bags for veggies (yeah, they really do work!) ... so the other night, I sliced them sort of thick, along with an onion and red pepper. Tossed them in a bowl with some olive oil & Mrs. Dash season. Sprayed my grill tray (it's the tray that you put over the grill and has little holes in the bottom so stuff doesn't get lost down the grate) and tossed them on over medium high heat. Found out they are so bad with a little charred stuff (don't lecture me on the carbon stuff please) around the edges. I even ate a few pieces of brocolli. Of course, the rest of the weekend I only had a little salad, some tomatoes and some refried beans (all in the bean dip I made for the 4th!) ...

Grocery Shopping and using The Grocery Game

EVERYONE has heard of the Grocery Game, haven't you??!! NO?? Ok, hop right over here and sign up for your free 4 week trial ... I promise, you will like it! After that, it' $10 for 8 weeks for the 1st store and $5 for each additional store (I think all stores are $5 for the 2nd and so on). But let me give you a few tips that I figured out AFTER I signed up for my free 4 weeks, which was just Thursday and today is Sunday: Select ALL the available store s, not just one, say, like Publix. Afterall, you may decide that if you had to choose only ONE (like me), maybe it should be a Walgreens or CVS or whatnot. Check to see when your list become available. Otherwise, you could be like me, talking (grumbling) to the computer about why the list is showing items that YOU know are no longer on sale (Publix list is updated on Sunday). Try not to plan your first exciting list on a holiday weekend. We all know that holiday weekends do not have coupons and the sales are pretty much ehhhh. So all that anticipation and LOOK nothing is green. On a side note: Kmart is having doubles again but with a lot of new rules, maximum of 10 coupons, must have a before coupon total of $25 and so on. Could get some free stuff but will still need to pay in the end. I could go look for some shorts & such, I suppose to fill in the $25? There is a P&G coupon insert today in the paper. You may want to buy 2 or 3. Some high dollar coupons there, $2 off Pantene (which would be $4 at Kmart this week AND they are onl sale for $10 for 3 so .... consider it!) So, I'm off to see if there is anyway I can change my trial to all the stores in my area.