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Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Spend February

So in honor of my participation in the No Spend February over at MomAdvice (which I'm already kicking myself for commiting to, I really wanted to get that 10 lb leather medicine ball ... oh well, maybe my hands will finally toughen up with the hard 8 lb'er) ... I decided to go ahead and make the whole month menu. Since I have NOT been sticking with my menu plans very well at all (tired after the gym, not hungry, everyone grazes) I am hoping this works . I've gone through my household notebook and put the recipes in the corresponding days and I'm only missing 2 (teriyaki chicken & pizza). Oddly, I believe I have everything I need for these 25 meals (I left 3 Saturdays open for dh to choose) and would not have to go the grocery store except for milk and produce. Yeah right. Sure would be nice if I could avoid all grocery shopping with that exception. Can I do it? I don't know. Sure I can. I don't know. See, my problem. Well, never mind. By the way, has anyone else out there noticed how many holidays there are in February?? The shortest month of the year & it has 5 key days. Super bowl Sunday. Ground Hog Day. Valentines Day. Presidents Day. Mardi Gras. Granted, my calendar is printed off from a google search & may not be right? Now I feel the need to go check! Regardless, here's my plan for the month of dinners: 2/1 (superbowl sunday) Brats and sauerkraut 2/2 (groundhog day?) Chicken stirfry 2/3 (mardi gras?) Leftovers 2/4 burgers 2/5 soup & sandwiches 2/6 chix sausage & scalloped taters 2/7 open for dh 2/8 lasagna 2/9 leftovers 2/10 crockpot chicken fajitas 2/11 soup & sandwiches 2/12 shrimp packets 2/13 au gratin taco bake (I 'may' have company this weekend so I think the next 4 days are ok?) 2/14 (valentines day!) Tbones (thank god I have this already!) 2/15 CP bbq shrimp with pasta 2/16 (presidents day) burgers 2/17 tilipia 2/18 veggie penne 2/19 CP bbq pork 2/20 chili cheese dogs (or maybe chicago style, not sure which yet) 2/21 open for dh 2/22 pizza 2/23 soup & salad 2/24 CP teriyaki chicken 2/25 left overs 2/26 Tacos (if I can find any taco shells in the house, otherwise it will be nachos) 2/27 tilipia 2/28 open AND THE LAST DAY! So....can I do it? Huh? I don't know!

January 09 Month End Results

Well, it’s not all I thought it would be. Good lord. Just based on the budgeted/accounted part, I’m $20 less than I had coming in. Yeah, in the red. Huh. I even spent less than the $600 for groceries, but not by much. Based on this, I am joining in over at MomsAdvice for the No Spend February. Granted, my 30 Days of Nothing with Owlhaven didn’t go so well either. Grrr. Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. Here are the end results for January FPL $330.00 T-Mobile $120.00 AT&T don’t see a payment so that is going on February Comcast $110 Food $502 (granted, this is MY total, dh did a few random stops but nothing substantial, I hope) Bugman $24 Car Gas $40 Car ins $279 Water $120 Sprinkler $15 Cap1 $100 AE/Gym $1200 with more being paid on Feb. 2nd Blockbuster $18 Best Buy $50 Kids lunches $80 So, the AX bill really got me. Geesh. I forgot about the additional $ I had put on it & the taxes. Had paid the majority of taxes ($3500) at end of December with all intentions of paying remainder around January 15th. Duh. Never mind. Don’t ask. Also spent $65 for the dang cat flea med. Ds got his hair cut (at last, he asked) $40 And then just all the incremental stuff that I thought would fit in somehow on its own. Yeah, right. I need to add in a little entertainment or kid fun fund. NOT. So as you can see, I spent $2983 (not including cat, hair cut and balance on AX. I had originally budged $2084 for the month. My income was $2963 … I am off by $21. Wow. If that was the way I lived every month I’d be in deep crap. Thankfully, it’s just the AE bill but I guess that just goes to show the importance of a) watch what you spend on a credit card and b) rainy day / saving fund. This months saving contribution: $0 Please note, I only had one closing/bonus at work which I will just move over to next month as a surprise. AND February should be a stellar month as far as work goes. Woohoo.

Stellar Publix Shopping Experience

Quaker oats granola bars (4) $3.07 minus $2.00 and b1g1f Dentyne gum (2 pk) $1.19 Trident gum (2 pk) $1.19 Pretzel chips (2) $3.19 minus $1.50 each and b1g1f Hunts tomato sauce (8) $1.49 each minus $4 and b1g1f Stacys bagel/pita chips (4) $10 total minus $6 8 oclock coffee (4) $5.49 each minus $4 and b1g1f Wheat thins/triscuits (4), $3.49 each, minus $4 and b1g1f Velvetta cheese (2), $3.59 each minus $2 and b1g1f 32 oz Gatorade (4), $1 each, minus 55 each and 35 each (10 cents each!) Total $25.54. Total savings $64.13 I must say, the cashier is not happy at all about all the coupons. I delibertly went when it was slow Friday morning but still. She was not at all happy. Oh well. I won't post about this mornings shopping trip. Stellar, but not as much, paid $90.01 and saved $127.38

I will be posting my month end totals shortly to see how it matches up to the post from here: I am glad I stayed below the $600 on the food part. However, my AE was way more than I had thought. My mistake, I forgot about the gift cards and a few other things I had used it for during December. Uggg. That’s why credit cards are bad, you don’t always remember what you’ve used them for. Anyway. I will also post about my great stop at Publix on the way in to work Friday for non-perishables. Friday mornings around 8am are very slow in the grocery store by my house. And that’s why I stop there with all my coupons. Spent $25, saved $67. Not bad. Of course, the cashier is not at all happy with all the coupons. She is one that insist on the coupons before she starts ringing, and she fights each and every one of them. I don’t understand it, but oh well. The highlight of my week? 32 oz gatorade for 10 cents a bottle. Dang I wish I had snagged more of them coupons. But I don’t want to be a coupon hog any more and will share that thought on a future post. In the meantime, we have this big hunk of beef brisket thawing for dinner tonight. Woohoo. It’s chilly out (48 at the moment) which is cold for us. I think I might make some French onion soup too while I’m at it. I also want to make muffins (box) and some cinnamon rolls.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Special finds at Publix Because I’ve been looking for thenew sale booklet that mentioned, I’ve been in Publix 3 times already since yesterday morning! I also took advantage of the “in store sale” of Rotel, buy one get free. Remember, Publix had that coupon in the booklet for $1.00 off (there were some GREAT coupons in this month) but of course, can’t find anymore of the books! I’m glad I snagged as many as I did. Anyways, yesterday morning, stopped & bought 8 cans of Rotel. Used 3 30 cent off coupons and 4 $1 off coupons. Paid, 26 cents. For all 8. Yahoo! In the meantime, I see 35 cent off coupons for any size gatorade. Remember, there are 55 cent off coupons too in the publix booklet. This week Publix has the big bottles for 3 for $5. Then I see these other coupons for $5 off a $20 deli platter with purchase of $10 or more of pepsi or gatorade products. Snagged 2 of them coupons to use later. This mornings stop (after dropping kids off at 7am) produced these little booklets by “Making Smart Choices”. Drats!!! I should have looked better before I picked up my 4 cans of Rotel & 1 can of Pam (total cost was $1.57). These little books only have 2 coupons. 1 is when you buy any size Pam, get $1 off produce. Other is when you buy any Eggbeaters, get a free can of Hunts diced tomatoes. Here is how I’m am going to try & play this: $1 off Pam (publix coupon) and $1 off Pam (internet manuf. Coupon). Cost 99 cents $1 off produce (will buy a lb of something cheap). Cost Free $1 off 2 eggbeaters (publix) and $1 off 1 eggbeater (internet mauf. Coupon) (buy2) cost $1 for both $1 off 2 Hunts diced (blinky) and use free eggbeater coupon. Cost 19 cents (I think they are $1.19 each). $3.20 for all? And that would make a complete, healty meal. Would like to do this several times. I had bought Pam this morning & bought eggbeaters over the weekend. Hate when I miss the bonus!!

Free coffee in Palm Beach & Broward County on Wednesday

Panera Bread is calling it Share the Warmth. All day Wednesday, all 19 Panera locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties are giving away free 16-ounce cups of its new light and dark roast coffees. From 6:30-11 a.m., you can also get a free sample of three grilled breakfast sandwiches and the new strawberry granola parfait. NOTE: As this is a fundraiser, please feel free to donate $1 for Operation Dough-Nation Community Breadbox

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Spending the g/c before it arrives

Another quarter has come and gone in the office, which means I have another $200 giftcard coming my way. Should get next week or thereafter. So I’m wondering what to do. What to buy. Usually, I buy something for the house. Like the ice cream maker. The blender. The food processor. And so on. Sometimes, I use it for surprise purchases, like new shoes for the kids (last years sneakers were $89 each). I’ve saved it for dinner out a few times. And I’ve used it for groceries. Really, it should be for fun stuff. Stuff that I WANT, not need. But as I’m trying to change that way of thinking, I’ve been doing a little shopping in my head. I’ve decided (for the most part) to take that $200 (really, $198) and buy meat. Chicken. Hamburger. Pork tenderloin. Pork Chops. Steaks. I would normally go to Costco to do this. But Costco does not take anything except American Express and Debit Cards. So, looks like I’ll be going to BJ’s. OR maybe I’ll venture to Sams and try a free day membership. Does anyone know if they still charge that non-member surcharge (percentage) on top of bill?? Will need to check that out. I figured that if I spent $200 wisely on meat, that should get me through this quarter and then some. It will also reduce my grocery bill quite a bit, I hope. I really really want to get to $70 a week cash. It’s just not happening yet, even with my coupons. I still need to look at wants vs needs. We all do, I suppose! Skip the soda, gatorade, propel, bottled water, etc. Granted, I’ve bought a lot lately just because I’ve had some good coupons, but still. Everyone in the household seems to think that with 10 bottles of gatorade, they can drink it like water. Blah. So here’s how I figured I could/would/should do this: 20 lbs ground beef (figure $2.50/lb = $50.00) 20 lbs b/s chicken breast (figure $2.79/lb which is NOT a good price = $55.80 - NOTE: I can probably get it for about $1 less a lb at the meat market if they have a sale going on) 10 lbs pork chops or pork tenderloin, depends on price ($2.50/lb = $25.00) 20 lbs b/s chicken thighs (figure $1.79/lb $35.80) That comes to $166 plus tax or whatever, so lets say $170. That leaves me with $28 for steaks or shrimp or whatever. I could buy 4 lbs of shrimp, or maybe some ribeyes, or whatnot. OR I could use that for flour, sugar & other baking stuff. Yeah, that’s what I should do. 20lbs flour approx. $10 20 lbs sugar approx $5 2 lbs yeast. Not sure about this. I still have 1 lb left in the freezer. Powdered sugar and brown sugar to fill the remainder of card.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I’ve been sick. Not sick sick. Just sick. 2 nights of Nyquil and sound, snoring, drooling sleep. Headache. Major. Sinuses hurt. But not stuffy or runny. Cotton head. Fuzzy. Tired. Achy. Blah. No gym last Thursday. My free day off from work (thanks to Mr. King’s birthday) was spent laying around on th couch, then the recliner, then the couch. Stayed away from the bed. And now at work, just blah. No motivation.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Publix Tip!

Had to run in to Publix this morning (at 7am) to get a gallon of milk. Took a short cut back to register down the canned veggie aisle. Saw a blinky and it was $1.00 off any two Hunts tomatoes. Looked at the Hunts tomatoes and saw a sign that says “in store special, buy one get one free” Bingo!! Tomato sauce is 99 cents each. Which would make the 2 FREE FREE FREE. After yesterdays rants, this is great news as I want to make chili this weekend so now I won’t deplete my stock of tomatoes that I got for almost free a few months back. Woohoo.

King Neptune

Again, as long as I can remember, I’ve seen him walking. Generally in the same radius of 2 or 3 miles. He is an older gentleman. Thin. Short. Wears a hat with ragged upturned top which stands in as his crown. Wears glasses with funky fin like things on them. His shirts are cut (or maybe purchased like this?) with ragged “car wash’ type cuts on bottom. His pants are always the same as the shirts, ragged ‘car wash’ type cuts. Funny because sometimes they come right below his knees. And he always, always carrys, what I would imagine to be his staff An umbrella this morning. Closed. But held rightously. It may rain today, so the weatherman says. Yesterday, he was carrying what looked like a long stick. He’s tan. He’s fit. He has a closely trimmed beard. Grey. Also, has closely trimmed hair. Could be bald, but I've never seen him without his hat/crown. Lately I’ve seen him at NE 26th Street and Federal Highway, crossing against the red light going west on 26th. I'm thinking he fits more of the sailor mode now, not King Neptune.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The curse of GREAT coupons

So you know, I wanted to start off the year with a very very limited budget for food. $70 a week. I had really allocated $600 a month in the budget but really said $100 would be more than generous, $70 would be ideal. I have YET to do it. I have still not set my mind to the task at hand. Wants vs Needs. The story of my life. The story of everyones life probably. The thing that is really really throwing me off my course is all these great coupons out there. Really, it should not be a problem, but it is. I feel like I HAVE to use these coupons, combined with a sale (regardless of whether it’s a great sale, and I really need it for stocking purposes). Here’s an example. I have a coupon that I printed off online for $1.00 off Pam. Publix also has a store coupon for $1.00 off Pam. Use the 2 together & I get $2 off. That leaves me 99 cents to pay. Honestly, a great deal. BUT if I do this for 20 things that I don’t NEED right now, then I’m $20 over on my $70 goal. This is what I’m dealing with. Gatorade. 32 oz bottle. I can pick it up for 45 cents a bottle with sale & store coupon. I’ve bought 10. $4.50 plus tax. Which of course, once the teens & hubby see 10 bottles sitting there, they drink it like water. HELLO?! This is to be used as NORMAL, not a free for all because there’s a lot of it!!! I got my American Express bill today. There were a few things on there that I had forgotten I put on to save the cash for taxes in December. I went from being confident and comfortable money wise this month to holy sh*t it’s going to be tight after all. Here I was all excited that my paycheck would have almost $100 a more per pay period (accountant discovered that I was not set up for correct twice monthly payroll but as a bi-weekly which made a huge difference) and I had planned on just moving that $200 a month right into savings. NOT THIS MONTH. Crap. Then I look at the stock market. And I look at the retail sales. And I start to feel a twinge because I contributed to the decline of holiday spending this year. Yeah. I know. Be proud. But it’s hard when the economy is tanking based on a few of these reports. Ok. Need to shake my head to clear it of all this clutter swirling around. Whew. Oh. There is some ‘good’ news. My office seems to be getting a little busier. Got 2 purchase contracts in yesterday and a refinance on Monday. 2 refinances also are pending. If I could get them all closed this month that would be an additional $375 (minus taxes) for the month. That would be nice. But I doubt it will happen that way.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Week 2 Grocery Shopping

Boy, it's very very hard to stay within that $70 range. Have YET to do it... Publix (which I will be going back there again this week with my coupons to scoop up some great deals): Friday night stop: coffee $5.50 2 salad dressing $3.29 canola oil $3.60 2 Gatorade $10 4 lb oranges $2.00 wondra $1.99 12 pk corona $11.99 milk $3.49 b/s chix $3.38, $3.30, $3.46, $3.58, $3.44 2 pkgs bagels $3.99 bread .89cents not sugar sweetner $1.59 2 lb powder sugar $1.49 Total: $71.55 (says I saved $40.09 ... where??) Saturdays stop: refund on milk -$3.49 powder milk $7.99 sour cream $1.39 * 7 dannon yogurt $2.80 * 3 pringles $3.00 * Total: $15.17 but said I saved $4.95 I will probably run back either on the way to work on Monday or maybe after work on Wednesday for: Gatorade 32 oz bottles. On sale for $1 each & I got 55 cent coupons Pam spray. $2.99 have $1 off store coupon & $1 off manufacturer. May end up with 3 or 4 Rice a roni - buy 4, 2 50 cent off & one 40 cent off kens dressing - buy 4, $2.00 off total kens spray dressing (I love these!) - buy 2 $2 off total AND ... if I can find bottles of coke on sale, have coupons for $1 off 3 AND $1 off 2 (store coupon) so I could stack them. They both expire end of the month so I can wait.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturday was a busy day and I got a lot of my things from my list accomplished. Luckily, I did my grocery shopping Friday night after work since I got out a half hour early. My g/f & I went out for dinner & drinks then, 2 beers, appetizers & $40 later … but it does NOT happen very often anymore, so I’m ok with that! So here’s how my Saturday went: Went back to the grocery store to exchange the leaking gallon of milk. Ended up spending $15. Made it to the dollar store & got my 6 tin pans and a plastic whisk … spent $4.24 Got back home. Deskinned (is that a word??) a whole chicken. Threw it in a pot of boiling water & let it cook (simmer) for an hour. Then I proceeded to make this which made a LOT. I put most in a large tin (lasagna size) and some in a round tin (cake pan). Covered with a double layer of heavy duty foil & stuck in the freezer. I will make the smaller one for dinner one night this week. Then I took my 7 lbs of chicken breast & set 2 breast aside. The rest I sliced in half to make them thiner (they were thick). Layered them on wax paper, set on baking sheet & stuck in freezer to do a flash freeze. However, they are still there because I FORGOT about them! Sliced up 8 red/green & yellow peppers. Flash froze them & put them in a Ziploc & stuck in freezer. Grabbed a handful & set aside. Took my 2 chix breast, sliced them up, sliced up an onion and made this. I pretty much followed it 100% with the exception that I added in juice of one lime & used fire roasted tomatoes (noticed that I’ve about used up my cheap cheap/free cans – need another good sale!). This was put in a ziploc & is also in the freezer. Probably dinner on Monday. Had taken the ribeyes out of the freezer in the morning for dinner. DH kept nodding off all day long. He’s fighting something. Big tough guy, but man when he gets sick, it kicks his butt. So I said I did NOT want to waste good steak if he wasn’t feeling good, so we ordered Time Square pizza instead. $26 later and a LOT of pizza… Today I finished with the chicken. Note to self, do NOT let it sit in freezer overnight otherwise you will have a frozen mass of stuff between wax paper that still requires prying apart. Wanted to make a triple batch of pancakes for freezer & cook the extremely fatty bacon to crumble & put in freezer but got sucked in to watching 3 hours of Planet Earth. I will be posting my grocery purchases & menus shortly so keep an eye out.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Menu 1/5 to 1/11

I recently discovered Gayle over at The Grocerycart Challenge and have been thoroughly impressed. Matter of fact, she is the inspiration behind my $70 a week goal ... She will post her shopping trip (with photos) and then her menu plan for the week. Breakfast These are pretty much fend for yourselves ... cereal, scrambled eggs, toast, bagel, pancakes, whatnot. I always have sausage patties & bacon in the freezer and/or fridge if desired. I will make breakfast either Saturday or Sunday for the family. But not during the week. *Note to self: need to restock freezer supply of breakfast burritos, pancakes & waffles* Lunch These are almost always leftovers for dh & I, the kids get $10 each a week to either buy their lunch or take a pb&J with chips, cookies & g2 or propel or water. On weekends, it's usually sandwiches if there are no leftovers (tuna, lunchmeat, what not) Dinner Tacos Teriyaki Chicken Thighs (and veggie rice) Soup & Sandwiches Leftovers Lasagna (tray from freezer) with garlic rolls (and friends) Ribeyes & baked taters Open (out or hubby’s choice)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Snowbirds of a different kind

Bikini boy. Bikini boy. Well. He’s not really a boy. More like a grown man. But I’m not sure I could even guess his age. Mid 40’s, maybe?? And he walks. The man loves to walk. He walks on the east side of town. He walks downtown. He walks in the morning. And he walks in the (early) evening. He walks on the edge of the street. Not in the grass. Not on the shoulder. Not on the sidewalk. On the edge of the street. Into oncoming traffic. And he wears….a speedo type brief. No shirt. No hat. No shorts. Just his bikini and sneakers (actually, I need to look at his feet, wonder if he wears socks?). But there you have it. And then you have: The Well Dressed Lady For years I would see her here, there & everywhere. Down by the beach. Downtown. Over by Target. Somedays she would have a shopping cart. Some days she would have a little dog (looked like a little terrier). One day I saw her going through stuff in the trunk of a huge old lincoln towncar. Some days she is by herself. Other days she is with a man. Some times a group of men. None are as well dressed as her. Or appear to be as clean as she is. See. She is homeless. I ‘think’ she lived in her car for a while. She used to pop open the trunk and lay everything out on the ground (parking lot). It was all her worldly belongings, I suppose. But I haven’t seen the car in a few months. Not to mention, the city came up with its lovely plan to have NO free beach parking any longer. But she is almost always well put together. Skirt and blouse. Hair up in a nice bun. Makeup (full makeup, not just mascara, tastefully done). Hose and heels. Sometimes bare leg. And always, always a big ass purse. Stylish. Amazing. But then one day, we were over by the Blockbuster by 18th & Federal. And my son was like “whoa …. She is scary looking” It was her. But that day, her hair was all wiry and frizzed out. For a minute there, I thought maybe she had been attacked. But then I saw her face. Her eyes. Her mouth moving. She was angry. But not just angry. I think she may have been having a bad moment. Drugs or whatnot. I’m not sure. I don’t see her as much. I think it’s because of the season & others come in from out of town to enjoy are nice weather for the winter. Snowbirds of a different kind.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Where has the last 24 hours gone??? Ds had a hair appt yesterday (at last, he wants to get his hair cut, I mean, trimmed!) at 5:30pm (had made it late since I did not know if I would be off or not on Friday, I was) so we didn't get home until 7:15 or so (he has a lot of hair). Hubby was sweet enough to make the salsbury steaks & get the water ready for the noodles while we were gone. We were sitting outside for a bit and suddenly, there was a big long flash of blue light, the lights on the houses all flickered on & off and then dimmed in and out & finally came back on and a LOUD hummmmmmmmmmming noise started up. We run to the street as does the whole entire neighborhood. All around us are lights. No crashing noises, no sirens, no nothing. And we never heard anything more about it. Odd. All the people we talked to said the same thing I said, as soon as that blue flash hit, everyone said they tucked in their head & ducked down to the ground. Instinct. Amazing. Then dh & his best friend drove over to the west coast today (naples/ft myers area) to check on the house of a cousin who recently passed. No one has been there since September so they thought they should go check on the house, boats, cars, etc. Good thing they did. I guess things were growing in the fridge . So while the boys did that, me & my best friend (his wife) went to Old Time Pottery as I need to get some new dishes. Well, really, just plates. The ones I got last January are so chipped up it's getting dangerous to use them (we are talking CHUNKS are missing). I'm so disappointed in those ... they don't do well in the microwave & are constantly losing chips. Please, we are careful!! So really, all I need are plates. The bowls are fine. But most likely will NOT be able to match up. So we spend, get this: 3 hours shopping. C goes her way (she had no idea how big the store would be) and I go mine. I finally decided on plain white plates. Yeah right. I walked out with 12 candles for 1.28 total. C walks out with a cart full of stuff, $145. Then we went to lunch at La Bamba. I love la bamba! Haven't been there in I bet 15 years. Still as good as I remember! So I did manage to do one freezer (garage). Can't believe it, I have 8 rolls of jimmy dean sausage & 8 kiabalsi sausage. That's just for starters!! But now I have room in there. Sometimes it's just a matter of taking everything out & putting back in neatly. The weekly grocery shopping leads me to just shove/cram stuff in which is how I get the big messy unorganized freezer problem!! Ok, its almost 9pm. Time enough to go do the guest freezer. Or maybe just go sit in the recliner with my book & read. Or maybe go to bed and read. Or....just go to sleep??

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Week 1 Grocery Shopping

As you may remember, I allocated myself $600 a month for groceries which is more than generous, so I said ok, let’s see if I can do it for $70 a week. Whew. This could be much harder than I had planned, but then again, wants vs needs really needs to be re-evaluated. I do not normally shop at whole foods as I think their prices are way too high but today I wanted to see if they had powdered milk to buy in the bulk section (no, they don’t). My total for all was $85.31 but the receipts say I saved $93.04. Publix 2 1lb bags of cheddar cheese * 2 lb bags of mozzarella cheese * Gallon milk 6 lbs of turkey burgers 2 pkgs spaghetti 8 cans of tomato soup 4 bags of baked lays chips * 4 bags pizza rolls * bag of salad 1 lonely cucumber Pkg cherry tomatoes 1 lb carrots 2 ben & jerry ice cream (hey, 91 cents each after coupon) * 1 Lucky Charms * 4 boxes poptarts Cat food * 12 pkgs ramen (need the noodles) Winn Dixie Head of green cabbage Head of red cabbage 10 Special K (99 cents a box with coupon) * 1 cat treat (free with coupon) * Whole Foods 3 red peppers Reggiano parmesan Bulk raw/unsalted sunflower seeds Bulk raw/unsalted pumpkin seeds * denotes coupon used

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! I managed to only drink a little, eat some home made Chicago-style pizza, enjoy a few friends and be asleep by 1am! I am so proud of myself! Actually, even more so than that. I convinced hubby that we did NOT need to take a cab down to the Elbow Room to celebrate. Several reasons. A) would have cost a lot of money to be down there with drinks and all, b) would have drank way too much and c) we did NOT need to be around a group of drunks strangers to bring in the new year. Because of this my good friend chose not to come over (??? Whats up with that???) and our other friends left here about 10:30 or so to head over there for the dropping of the ball. That was ok. So how about, is everyone else out there ready for the new year to start! I’m so freakin happy, it’s not even funny!!