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Friday, February 29, 2008

Thursday 2-28 Over the weekend, I was a little ambitious before we had the car issue come up (will share later). I scrambled a dozen eggs, cooked one of my tubes of Aldi sausage and crumbled, layed out a dozen tortilla shells, grabbed a bag of cheese from the freezer & a jar of salsa from fridge, and made: Breakfast Burritos. After I rolled them up, I wrapped 3 in wax paper and the rest in plastic wrap. Wanted to do all in wax paper (for microwaving purposes) but the tape wasn’t sticking as well as I hoped. What a no brainer that was! Of course, dh & dd had to have a sample so only 10 got frozen. That’s what I’ve had for breakfast every morning so far this week. I may use the english muffins I have & make breafast sandwiches next. I have sausage patties, eggs, cheese, some ham slices (for dh) that would be easy to throw together. So the car issue: The boat has a ton of gas in the tank. DH wants to empty the gas out of it since he’s never ran it empty before & just would feel better. So we figured heck, 200 gallons of gas would tide me over for quite a while, especially since gas is peaking at $3.29 to $3.64 for regular (it’s higher in some areas, I know, this is just what I see on my trips). So we pumped out enough to fill my tank up. Told dh I wanted to drive my car to pick up dd at work, ‘just in case’. Sure enough, started it up, let it idle for a bit while I buckled up, and it stalled out. Wouldn’t start again. We pumped some gas out & it’s got a ton of water in it! YIKES!!!!! Need to empty the gas out, will change the fuel filter & put some stabilizer in the gas. If it clears it up, we will put it back in. Dh is just hoping that the water was from the very first 5 gallons we took from boat (said that he noticed some dirt in bottom of container in the 2nd batch and that’s why he wasn’t emptying it all the way). If that’s the case, we will be fine. If not, we are in huge trouble to empty the boat out! Been driving the tahoe all week. Things a monster. Sucks the gas. $40 didn’t even give me a ½ tank on Monday!!!! Grrrr. Went to urgent care today. Again, needed to get into a dr. and he’s not in this week. What is it with me & doctors??? Had bad bad pain all week in thumb and wrist to where it just aches & brings tears to my eyes. Looking at that sentence makes me wince. I’m not a whiner. I’m pretty tough and would never complain about a painful wrist, after what I’ve seen dh go through. But heck. It hurt! Sure enough, got some tendons that creak and pop. Serious inflammation (yeah, I thought it looked swollen). Now I got a brace on to isolate the thumb usage AND pain pills. 800mg ibuproferin & some other narcotic stuff to help me sleep at night. Hmmm. All I know is the brace hurts to wear, which dr warned me of since it’s got the thumb stabilized and I can’t write and barely type (made a lot of typos here that I’ve had to fix!!!) Dr visit $25 (copay for reg. dr visit is $20, er is $75 and urgent is $25) Meds $4.50 and $5 Brace $17 Total cost at pharmacy was $41.44. After using my $25 & remaining gift card, I paid 44 cents. Not exactly how I planned to spend my cards, but oh well. Better than $66 for a freaking painful wrist! Ok, so some of that was for the vitamins (b1g1f) and pads. But still. So I will wear brace for a few days or a week & see how it does. But geesh. DH & I won’t be able to go anywhere together. I have no idea what his new brace that he had made this morning looks like. Said it’s uncomfortable but will do the job. I guess that’s what matters.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Coupon Alert!

Publix has their Health & Wellness tips & coupons out!! These are usually found in the spinning display that has the weekly sales papers. Hurry before they are all gone! Colgate $1.00 off any total 4 oz or larger (great for the CVS deals) Welch $1.00 off any 2 grape juice Clorox $.55 off any 75 ct wipe AND free clorox bleach with purchase of 4 clorox products There are more in the flyer, but these are the 3 that I would use :)

teriyaki chicken thighs

DH loves chicken thighs. I buy the big packages of boneless/skinless from Costco at about $1.69/lb. Used to be so much cheaper (want to say around $1.29) but apparently, they have caught on. Still say I need to learn how to debone a thigh since I can hit a good deal at $.89, or even $.69 sometimes. 1/4 cup soy sauce 3 tbs brown sugar 4 tbs sherry 4 tbs rice wine vinegar 2 tsp fresh chopped garlic 1 tsp fresh grated ginger (or dry, or the stuff from tube) 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes 2 lbs thighs (I use 2 pkgs that has 5 each for a total of 10) 2 tsp sesame seeds Combine first 7 ingredients, mix til sugar dissolves. Pour into ziploc. Add chicken. Turn to coat. Marinate 1 to 4 hours. Either bake, broil or grill til done. Sprinkle with sesame seeds when done, cook another 1 -2 minutes (to toast seeds, or you can do this separately). Enjoy :)

sesame noodles

This is really an easy & fast recipe and gets rave reviews in my house. I've modified the heck out of the original recipe to suit what I had on hand ... 1 lb chinese noodles (I use angel hair pasta, even thin pasta) 2 tbs sesame oil 1/2 cup soy sauce, low sodium 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar 2 tbs sugar 2 tbs cilantro, chopped (this is optional) 1 tbs ginger root, grated (or dry, or the stuff in a tube) 1 tsp hot chili oil (I never have this, use crushed red pepper flakes, or the stuff in tube, never have I used the oil though) 1 cup green onions (have never measured, just take a handful from plant & cut) 1 cup pea pods (I use snow peas) *I also add in a couple of tbs of sesame seeds that I toasted in skillet *Thin sliced red peppers are good too Cook pasta. Drain & rinse in cold water. In large bowl, mix remaining ingredients EXCEPT green onions & pea pods. Put pasta in bowl & toss to coat. Add green onions & pea pods, toss to coat. Sprinkle the sesame seeds over top if using. Best if chilled before eating.
It's 6:15 in the morning and I am patiently waiting for our cold front to come through. Thank god! It's been in the upper 80's for over a week and I just so want a break from my electric bill!! I've been browsing the internet this morning and found a few neat websites. Of course, then I started to feel guilty for not keeping up on my own. How pathetic :) Nah. Just been busy living life :) Tonight for dinner will be teriyaki thighs & my sesame noodles. That's what brought me online actually was to try and find a suitable subsitute for sherry. Need it to marinate thighs. Think I'm going with the madiera wine ... things across the board popped up....but that sounds the most reasonable. Been doing our taxes. Said this year I would use turbotax for $80 purchase price instead of $500-$700 for an accountant. Will give a review of the software shortly, but so far, says we need to pay $3800. :( I knew we would have to pay something, just didn't think that much ... crumb! So keep an eye out for the recipes for tonight & the turbo tax review.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Its windy & expecting showers & possible t-storms today. Yahoo, since they just said Lake O is below 10 feet. I'm telling you, they really need to come up with some kind of plan on what do to about the water situation down here. I've been trying to do my share by turning off the faucet when I brush, only doing full loads of laundry (sometimes too full though!), shorter showers, recycling water leftover from glasses to the plants AND saving my rinse water in dishpan to water the garden outside. At times like today, wish I had a rain barrel. Was off on Friday & Monday, so enjoyed a nice long weekend. Relaxing for the most part. Should have spent more time doing some of the things on my list, primarily organizing the mess of recipes I have. Could not for the life of me find the italian bread recipe we like, so bought a loaf for $2.29 which is unbelievable!!!! :( Gas has gone down in price to $2.95. A friend of mine once told me that this is how it's suppose to be, you get used to the $3 a gallon so when it drops below, you get excited. He is so right :( What ever happened to the shock of $2.00 a gallon!!! DH has applied for his job. I still just find this funny and odd. He said that he has not heard (through the grapevine) of anyone else internally applying. We dont' know what we will do if the relo is firm. Guess it depends on the $ part, of course. I don't even know if it's really even cheaper to live in OK. Then again, anyplace is probably cheaper in the long run. Granted, I live in paradise, but pay for it in more ways than one. Not sure what the time frame is for the hiring process. Heck, he could be without a job by month end. Actually, need to see if he's on a the list of projects coming up in early March ... that would say a lot. I'm not going to get myself too worked up about it though. I've been sticking to the menu plan, sort of :) We ended up doing leftovers on Friday, which is not normal for us. Did pork tenderloin on Saturday, leftovers again on Sunday (friends came over & we worked on the boat motors most of the afternoon) and pasta with garlic bread Monday. Tonight will be cubano sandwiches with the left over pork tenderloin. Still need to make my heart cutouts for valentines day. I stick them in odd places for dh to find throughout the day. I will be upset if he sends flowers to work again. For years (20) he didn't and we had an agreement not to, since it's so darn expensive. Then suddenly, last year, he sent some and I cried, I was so surprised. Now it's like an expensive routine :( Ok, gotta go get ready for work. 8:30 meeting. My one atty goes in for removal of skin cancer today. Don't know if it's basile cell or what yet. Will have to ask when I see. Unfortunately, it's above his eyebrow and to the outside of eye. This will be uncomfortable for him when done, I'm sure. I know so many people who have had to have a lot of stuff removed. One friend had to pretty much have his upper ear cosmetically restructured after removal. They keep scooping and cutting til all is done :( Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ds finally finally finally went to school today. He sounds much better, so the antibiotics are definately what he needed. Dh had his cat scan this morning. Keeping fingers crossed that the results are good and we won't need to worry about traveling back & forth to KY much more. Dh needs to get to work on his resume as he needs to submit it with the job posting. I have just resigned myself to the fact that yes, we will be back to a single family household. I need to be really cracking and getting all the dr appts out of the way so that won't be as much of an issue in the end. Also need to be calling the bug man & cancel that service (around $67 a month, 10 times a year and $22 the other 2 months). This is really bad, but since I renewed the gym membership for $66 a month, I figured, heck, if I go 3 mornings a week (before work), get all worked out, hot & sweaty, I can take my shower THERE and save money on the water bill at home. We are under Phrase III water restrictions right now which means the cost of water is sky high with extra surcharges added on depending on how much water you use...the more you use, the higher the tier is. Now, is that cheap, frugal or plain thrifty??!! I can't decide. But then again, I could just go straight to work and not have to go that early in the morning then too. Hmmm. I do plan on going tomorrow (Friday) morning since I'm off and I can scope things out to see how the equipment is holding up. Better not be ragged. Dh and I both agreed that if it's an issue, we will cancel totally and find somewhere else to go. Since Survivor starts tonight and me & ds watch together, I will pull all the leftovers out of fridge for dinner. Dd & her b/f will be here since he's not allowed over Sun to Wedn (school nights)...they have all Fridays off ...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ds is home again from school today. He was out last Monday & Tuesday. Must be a relapse. But now he has the chills...will be calling the dr when I get to work. He has not needed to see a doctor since he was in elementary school (at least 4 years) ... so it will be good for him to go. DH has therapy this morning. Hopefully they will make the new brace that the dr wants to use. Then he can really focus on getting the placement he needs :) He also has a cat scan set up for Thursday at 6:30am ... hoping that shows great progress and we won't need to go back to Louisville anytime soon. Otherwise, mid March. I had to make my list this morning as I keep forgetting to make calls. So the list consist of this: gas, drycleaners (dd's rotc uniform), walgreens (pics that I had ordered online), call ds dr, call gyno, call eye dr (ds & me). Then I also have cvs on there. Don't ask why. I really should also put down Target (return shorts for ds) and sports authority (pick up new shorts for ds), blockbuster (trade in dvd I've been carrying around for 4 weeks) and a few other things :) Dh said the job was posted last night at 5pm. He's already making phone calls to those outside that he knows & can get some insight on. One guy has already offered the chance to consult. $600 a day. Geeesh. But like we both agreed, no benefits and he needs to remain insured (health) or we will really be in big trouble financially. I know that if this goes south like he expects, we will have to do the cobra, and quite honestly, I'd say that we keep HIM and let me & the kids go on the wayside for now. Of course, that depends on what happens for me at the gyno. That would probably lower the cost from $2K to $500-$700 a month. Cobra is great, but damn, it's expensive. I reactivated the gym membership for dh yesterday. I guess he wants to get back to the gym & build up his strength again. That is fine with me. If it keeps his stress level down, I'm all for it. Wish it didn't cost $67 a month though :) But meds cost that much if not more! I may pop in there & check it out. The last time I was there, I walked out, crowded, equipment was worn out and it just didn't sit well with me. Now that I've started it up though, need to at least look at some of the classes. If nothing else, I really like the aqua classes, but NOT if the pool is only 72 like it used to be. That is way too cold for me!! :) Spoiled, I know!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

DH has worked since he was about 13, starting out at his grandfathers gas station. When he graduated from HS, he went to a tech school and then went into the auto industry as a mechanic. Since the late 80's, he's been working with the auto rental industry in management, overseeing fleet maintenance. The first company was out of Florida only and they was picked up and purchased by a major japanese car manufacturer. Which in turn was bought by a larger rental car company and that was taken over by a large waste management company which had diversified businesses. That company merged with another larger rental car company which in turn, made too many employees with the same jobs :). Dh was let go and was unemployed for 18 months. We really learned alot at that time about being conservative even when you have a substantial savings, and such. Also about how great insurance is (he had the motorcycle accident in 2002 and he was highly uninsurable outside of a group plan, so we had to do the COBRA) and to never ever underestimate the benefits of a full time job :) Finally, he got into the company he's with now, going on his 3rd year. Well, looks like they are 're-interviewing' for the position since the title is being changed & will be based out of Oklahoma. Hmmm. Sell the house in this market? Relocate the 2 high school kids? Have wife quit job? Take a chance on relocating and company may/may not be purchased by another company & be in same position as before? Take the chance & just do it?? I don't know what to tell dh. Sure, I'm always open for change. He, on the other hand, does not like change whatsoever. He's the kind of guy that you have to PUSH off the cliff, he will never jump freely ... kind of a weird analogy, I'm sure, but it just means that he won't take any chances. I do know that IF we sold this house that we've been in for 20+ years would be difficult, mentally. Financially too, I suppose. I mean, we'd still be able to walk away with a bit of $ in our pocket BUT nothing like it would have been a few years ago (the house is tax assessed at $1.5M but there is no way the market can bear that kind of sale price now). We only have $145K and $100K mortgage on it, so anything over $300 would be substatial. However, this house should also be our retirement account. To only make $150K on 20 years of investment, maybe I'm being greedy? I know that at $300K the house would sell in a day or two, most likely to a developer as it's zoned for multifamily/townhouses. Snatch it up & sit on it til the market turns, which we all know WILL, just when? :) Anyways. Even if he chooses to reinterview, does not mean he will get it (what to make of that??). So if he doesn't, then what. Well, he already said, this is the end for the auto rental for him. He's tapped out. So what then? Own business? Whole different industry? Somewhere else in auto industry? It just sucks cuz the economy is sinking and now is not a good time to be without a job. So....I am trying to focus on keeping MY portion of the bills up to date & paid so I can focus more on savings. Need to start our taxes. For some reason, I think that we will have to pay again. When we moved our investments over to JEdwards, there were proprietory stocks that had to be sold, not transferred. So we took a hit on capital gains for that ... thank god dh decided to only do 1/2 at this time. We will have to do the other 1/2 this year. Last year we paid $4500 additional in taxes which sucks!! Not to mention had to pay the accountant $500 to tell us that. This year, I will get turbo tax, pull out the past 5 years of tax returns that accountant did, and try & do it myself. Worse comes to worse, I'll give to an accountant to do ... but I'm hoping I can do myself. So that's my latest dilema. Never a dull moment anymore!!

Congrats to the Giants!

Not a huge football fan but am so very glad I watched the game last night. It was more of curiosity of the commercials & Tom Petty, but regardless, ended up watching from start to finish. Great game!! Of course, as soon as it was over, lights out for me! So blew the grocery budget already!! Went to Publix on Sunday for eggs, milk, dales, liquid smoke, and a few produce items. Did not get any produce as it was crumby looking and expensive. Did get chips, and all kinds of other stuff that was NOT on my list!! :( $65+ as I need to find my receipt. :( I will be posting another post here on the latest with DH and his job. Just goes to show you how fast things turn and how Corporate America can and will do what they need to do ... Kids were sick most of the week last week, sounds better this morning. Hoping I do not get sick. Need to make appt for eye doctor for me & ds for Friday (off) and gyno for Monday for me. Need to take dd in to gyno too, but will check out this dr that comes highly recommended. As I hang my head in shame, I admit that I have not had a pap since 1998. And I know there are probably some issues to be dealt with, which is why I am going to this particular doctor. I am hoping, hoping, praying that I will qualify for a procedure called NovaSure. :) Of course, providing everything else can be fixed & then I will be a candidate.